Jabba The Hutt Is Not The Most Famous Hutt In Star Wars History

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

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For Star Wars fans, the most famous Hutt is obviously Jabba, the infamous crime lord who was feared throughout the galaxy when Princess Leia choked him to death aboard his own barge. In the actual Star Wars universe, though, Jabba is not necessarily the most famous or influential Hutt. In the Expanded Universe, we learn of a character named Blotus the Hutt who served as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic for a whopping 275 years.

The Old Republic

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If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of Blotus the Hutt, it’s because this is the rare case of an original Star Wars character who was given an epic backstory only to never appear in any films, books, or comics.

The character was first mentioned in The New Essential Chronology and then mentioned again in the MMORPG The Old Republic, though he doesn’t even physically appear in that game. Instead, we learn more about this fascinating character through one of the game’s many codex entries.

Blotus Wasn’t Like Other Hutts

The story of Blotus the Hutt stretches back an even longer time ago to the Rianitus Period, which was about eight to nine thousand years ago BBY (that’s “Before the Battle of Yavin” for those of you who don’t have bookshelves full of Star Wars stories).

In some ways, it’s fair to say that Blotus was unlike other Hutts almost from the beginning. That’s because one of his earliest major positions was serving as the administrator of several mining worlds that split from the Hutt Empire and wanted to become a part of the Galactic Republic.

The Senate


The Hutts were generally still crime lords and galactic menaces in this time period, so the average citizen had no reason to believe that these worlds could become part of the Republic.

However, the Galactic Senate voted for them to gain admission, and that made Blotus the Hutt a member of the Galactic Republic. He became wildly popular with the senators, and this likely helped his next major career move.

A Popular Leader

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Eventually, Blotus the Hutt was elected as Chancellor of the Republic, and he was such a beloved figure that the election wasn’t even close.

He remained popular while Chancellor, and this was due as much to his policies as his personality. Blotus gave tax breaks to independent merchants which led to trade flourishing throughout the Core Worlds, and his reign as Chancellor is noted for its economic prosperity.

Blotus/Blotus ’24

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Being that rarest thing of all–an insanely popular politician–Blotus the Hutt ended up reigning as Chancellor for 275 years. This helped make him something of a legendary figure, both due to his long political service and the fact that he literally had generations of fans.

Eventually, the Hutt died in his sleep at the ripe old age of 912, and his favorite seat at the Senate Building lounge was left vacant as a kind of memorial.

Sadly, Blotus the Hutt was removed from canon status by Disney, making him a Star Wars Legend in more ways than one. Thanks to that and the fact that his franchise appearances were so minimal, few fans even know who he is.

We’re here to change that, and since this is an election year, we’ve got an important question–can we all just do a write-in campaign and vote Blotus in as president?