See The First Look At The Flash’s Newest Hero

This could certainly open the door for an actor to replace them in The Flash

By Douglas Helm | Published

the flash

The Flash universe on The CW just keeps getting bigger, as another speedster has joined the fray. Recent on-set pictures indicate we’ll be getting a live-action introduction to the character known as Fast Track. The actress in the photos is shown wearing a black speedster suit that is very similar to the comic book look. You can see the leaked set photos, along with fan reactions, in the posts below.

The photos appeared to be first shared on Reddit by u/DrAwesomeX. Now, fans can’t stop talking, and they’re spreading across social media as everyone waits to see the new hero join The Flash.

It’s likely that Fast Track will start off as a friend for Flash if her comic book counterpart is anything to go by. Fast Track is the superhero alter ego of Meena Dhawan. The character is relatively new to DC, as she was just introduced in 2016. Meena is a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs who gained supersonic powers after being caught in a storm caused by the Speed Force (the force that gives the Flash his powers). In addition to training other speedsters, Meena also became a short-term love interest for Barry Allen. There is a chance that the show could also take her the antagonist route, as she was brainwashed briefly in the comics to help the Black Hole terrorist group before getting back control of her mind. Still, it’s likely that she’ll be established as an ally first if they’re looking to set up this storyline.

The Flash was recently renewed for a ninth season, but it’s unclear how much more of the show we’ll be getting. Rumors say that star Grant Gustin only signed on for one more season instead of going for a multi-year contract. This could be Gustin just keeping his options open or he might be closing the door on his days at The CW. That remains to be seen, but even if he does opt out of more seasons, the show could always go on with the various other characters that were introduced over the years.

For instance, Keiynan Lonsdale could always return to lead the series as Wally West aka Kid Flash. There are also Barry Allen’s kids Bart and Nora, who time-traveled back for an episode. Then, of course, we have this new speedster who has stories and plotlines of her own for fans to see on The Flash. Either way, unless the creators have a definitive end for the show in mind, it seems unlikely we wouldn’t see more speedster content on The CW in the future.

There’s also the question of what’s going on in the DC cinematic universe. After some alleged aggressive incidents and the arrest of Ezra Miller, who plays Barry Allen in several DC films, fans are pleading for Grant Gustin to replace them in the upcoming The Flash movie. Furthermore, a recent report from Rolling Stone claimed that WB and DC are putting all of Miller’s future projects on hold and considering breaking ties with them altogether. This could certainly open the door for an actor to replace them in The Flash and the goodwill from fans could be enough to get Gustin the job. Until then, you can still get plenty of Gustin portraying the speedster alongside Fast Track in the next season of The CW show.