Fans Want Grant Gustin To Replace Ezra Miller In The Flash

By Michileen Martin | 1 month ago

grant gustin the flash

Ezra Miller is not having a particularly good time. After what have reportedly been at least a couple of years of erratic and sometimes allegedly violent behavior from the actor, Warner Bros has slammed the brakes on any upcoming projects Miller is attached to — including The Flash and the Fantastic Beasts franchise — and some are understandably speculating it’s time for someone else to step into Miller’s shoes. Those fans have made their choice — they want Grant Gustin to play the hero he’s already played on The CW for nine years.

When the news of Ezra Miller’s arrest in Hawaii broke, fans on Twitter got Grant Gustin’s name trending. Their love of Gustin’s depiction of Barry Allen is evident even though, ironically, many of them don’t seem to be particularly fond of his The Flash series. Plenty of fans seem to feel that it should’ve been Gustin in the film’s all along, and that the controversy swirling around Miller offers the perfect opportunity to give Gustin the kind of budget and story his performance deserves. You can see plenty of those tweets below.

Arguably the absolute winner of all the tweets involves a gravestone, a freshly dug grave, and a peace sign. Oh, and of course both Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller. You can see that one below.

Of course, there is the question of whether or not Grant Gustin would want to play the DCEU version of Barry Allen. After all, the guy’s been playing pretty much nothing but the Flash for almost a decade. The tweet below perfectly captures what may very well be Gustin’s thoughts on the matter. Make sure you unmute the video for the full effect.

Whether or not Warner Bros is considering the options that fans are proposing, it’s actually surprising it’s taken this long for Miller’s proverbial chickens to come home to roost. In 2020, as reported by Screen Rant, the actor was filmed allegedly choking a woman and slamming her to the ground. In a time when a single tweet can end a career, one could very well argue that should’ve been the absolute end of Miller’s future in the DCEU. Earlier this year in an Instagram post that has since been deleted, as reported by Variety, the Justice League star post an out of left field cryptic message, urging members of the Beulaville, North Carolina chapter of the Ku Klux Klan kill themselves.

What may prove to be the final straw was an arrest made in Hilo, Hawaii on Monday, as reported by CNN. Miller was allegedly “yelling obscenities” at people singing Karaoke, grabbed a microphone out of a woman’s hand, and later “lunged” at a man playing darts. After posting bond, the actor allegedly broke into a couple’s home, threatened the woman, and stole both the man’s wallet and the woman’s passport. Not long after came the reports that Miller apparently had “frequent meltdowns” on the set of The Flash, though the sources involved clarified none of those alleged outbursts were violent.

So far there’s been no official response about the fan demands from Warner Bros., Grant Gustin, or Ezra Miller. As far as we know, The Flash is still scheduled to release June 23, 2o23. It had previously been scheduled to hit theaters November 4 of this year, but it and most of Warner Bros’ tentpole films for 2022 were pushed back.