See The Actress Playing A Sex Toy Crazed Killer On The Boys Season 3

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

the boys katia winter

The Boys has been one of the surprise hits over the last couple of years for Amazon Prime. In many ways, it’s just the foil the comic book film industry needed when it came to programming. Are there superheroes involved? Sure, but they are almost all the worst people in the world even if they are the most famous. It’s a fascinating and very (very) R-rated story that flips the conventional genre on its head. And now they are about to add another new character. Deadline is reporting that Katia Winter is taking on the role of Little Nina in the show. Fans of the comics will know that Little Nina has some, well, unusual fetishes. 

While the casting of Katia Winter is official for season three of The Boys, the role of Little Nina is currently just a sourced rumor. If that did end up being the case for Winter, fans would likely be in for a treat. She’s a Russian mob boss that also works behind the scenes with Vought. In the comics, she has a few proclivities but one is that she is infamous for is her pervasive use of sex toys, especially vibrators. The character, like almost everyone else on the show, is completely nuts and honestly, she should fit right into the proceedings. 

Before joining The Boys she worked on Season 7 of Showtime’s Dexter as the stripper Nadia who was central to the Brotherhood storyline. She’s also been on CBS’s Blood & Treasure about high-stakes art thieves. And she was also featured for a few seasons on Sleepy Hollow and Legends of Tomorrow as well. Though she’s had some intriguing roles on the screen, this will likely be the most graphic yet considering the show pulls no punches in either its stories or getting into all the grimy details surrounding the world of “super”.

The Boys is based on the comic book series of the same name and the title refers to the group of decidedly human fighters who are trying extra hard to bring down the company Vought from continuing its corrupt ways. At the center of their dealings is the making of the chemical Compound V which gives people superpowers. These supes are part of the everyday landscape with some rising to the top of the superhero food chain and joining The Seven. In this world, superheroes are more celebrities than actual crimefighting heroes and almost all of them are deeply flawed. 

the boys katia winter

The show is fantastic, gruesome, and hilarious at the same time with a ton of intrigue and interwoven storytelling. There is a cat and mouse component to the whole thing with both The Boys and Vought (and by proxy some of the other supes) constantly locked in a struggle to out the other. It’s a great watch, though not for the kids in the house. 

In this way, it’s great that Katia Winter will be bringing Little Nina into the mix on The Boys. It’s just another hilariously flawed character to add to the mix of folks we’ve already met. Season 3 of The Boys is tentatively scheduled to hit Amazon at the end of the year with final casting decisions being made now. 

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