The Boys Absolutely Crushed The Rings Of Power

The Boys beat out The Rings of Power to be the most streamed show on Amazon Prime Video in 2022, according to Nielsen Ratings.

By James Brizuela | Updated

the boys season 4

The Boys is one of the most popular shows on streaming services right now, but the Nielsen Ratings have come out, and the superhero series beat out a huge competitor. According to the ratings, The Boys is the #1 most streamed show on Amazon Prime Video, beating out the likes of the hugely produced The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power show. Karl Urban posted about the show being crowned #1, which you can see below:

Naturally, Stranger Things beat out every other show in the Originals category by landing 52 billion minutes viewed. The Boys came in at #11 on the list with 10.6 billion minutes viewed, which beat out The Rings of Power, which had 9.4 billion minutes. The Boys has turned itself into the most important show on Amazon Prime Video.

The Boys recently wrapped up its Season 3 on July 8th, 2022. The series was renewed almost immediately, and production has already started for Season 4. The universe of the show is also being expanded by the new Gen V spinoff series. The new series will follow students who participate in a battle royal at the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, which is run by Vought International.

This new Gen V series is set to run concurrently with The Boys Season 4, which is likely to return at the end of 2023. We cannot wait to see both, especially with how we think this brutal-sounding new series is going to play out. Gen V is based on the comic arc, “We Gotta Go Now” by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

Much like Invincible, The Boys showcases the darker side of superheroes, which is full of bloodshed and controversy. The last season brought in Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, and the new season has already cast Jeffery Dean Morgan in an undisclosed role.

A-Train the boys

Although The Rings of Power cost more than any show in existence, fans have long criticized the property for going too far off from Tolkien’s novels. The series was still seen as a success and is likely going to get multiple seasons, but it is still not the #1 on the streaming platform. According to the Nielsen ratings, The Boys is clearly far more of a draw than this new-age version of The Lord of the Rings.

The Boys stars Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell, Erin Moriarty as Annie January/Starlight, Anthony Starr as Homelander, and many more. The series follows a world full of superheroes, and the crooked organization that houses them all. Billy and Hughie, along with their crew do everything to ensure Vought International is proven to be as evil as they think it is.

The Boys began production on Season 4 in May of last year, which could mean that we are going to see the new season debut sometime in the last months of 2023. Hopefully, we get to see the show come back sooner rather than later, but we are just happy at all the success the show is currently having.