Sylvester Stallone Compares Being In Oklahoma To Hell

Sylvester Stallone might not like the heat, as he compared being in Oklahoma to film his new series to being in hell. Those are some harsh words.

By James Brizuela | Published

sylvester stallone

Sylvester Stallone is currently filming a new series where he is set to take on the role of a mob boss in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, the actor isn’t having the best time in the Sooner State, as he there has been a heat wave hitting the state. Unfortunately, that has led to Stallone stating that “Being in Oklahoma has definitely prepared me for a lifetime in hell if I ever got sent there.” Those are some harsh words that can certainly be taken out of context, but there are plenty of comments in response from people who understand what Stallone is speaking about. One fan even stated that Oklahoma is having one of the hottest summers in recent memory.

Hopefully, no Oklahomans take his comments to heart. In fact, just a short time ago, Sylvester Stallone also stated “I’m here in the Paris of the Southwest.” Unfortunately, the entire world seems to be suffering from heat waves, so Stallone must deal with long days in the sun while shooting this new series. That new series is called Tulsa King and will be debuting on Paramount+ later this year. Stallone takes on the role of Dwight Manfredi, a former mob boss who is released from prison after serving 25 years. He is then cast out of New York by the other bosses, forcing him to set up his organization in Tulsa. At least his series is going to be accurate, as filming is happening in Oklahoma City and certain areas around Tulsa.

Sylvester Stallone continually keeps his fans and friends updated on his life via his Instagram page, which is where his comment about Oklahoma being compared to hell came from. He has also stated that he will be in the state until he finishes filming the series on August 20th. Well, he could be done with filming soon and staying there for any additional reshoots or voice-over work that must be done. Still, he will have to deal with that heat a lot more it seems. Considering most celebrities make their homes in Los Angeles, California, it’s a bit weird to hear someone complain about the heat in another state. California is generally one of the hottest states during the summertime months.

Sylvester Stallone will be leaving Oklahoma on August 20th, which might be for his press tour for his new film, Samaritan. The action star is tackling the superhero genre once again, as he plays a former superhero who disappears after years of protecting the city as a vigilante. A young boy pleads with Samaritan to return when the city becomes far more dangerous. The film is similar in nature to Hancock, as Will Smith played a disgraced superhero who rebounded his life. The film is set to debut on Amazon Prime Video on August 26th.

Thankfully, that new superhero film saw Sylvester Stallone appear in a city that is covered with fog and overcast weather. He likely filmed that one in Chicago and New York, which are generally not as hot as California or Oklahoma, apparently. Still, we will get to see Tulsa King premiere on November 13th. Hopefully, Stallone’s suffering will make for a great television show.