Sydney Sweeney Sets Box Office Record Thanks To Immaculate Horror

By Charlene Badasie | Published

The Sydney Sweeney film Immaculate has achieved the highest opening weekend earnings for Neon in the United States. Released on March 22, the religious psychological horror grossed $5.3 million domestically across 2,354 theaters. With a budget of $9 million, the film has already earned back half of its production expenses.

Sydney Sweeney In Immaculate

Positioned at fourth place in the box office rankings, the Sydney Sweeney film trails behind the recently released Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire with $45.2 million and Dune: Part 2, which has exceeded $240 million in domestic earnings. Immaculate is currently on track to become one of the notable independent successes of 2024.

Immaculate has also exceeded the debut earnings of Michael Mann’s Ferrari ($3.9 million), It Lives Inside ($2.6 million), Infinity Pool ($2.5 million), and Spencer ($2.1 million). Neon’s top-grossing film worldwide remains Parasite, which earned $253 million and won an Academy Award. However, that film initially had a limited release and expanded after its Best Picture win.

Good Critical Response

Immaculate currently holds a 70 percent critics rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, alongside a 61 percent audience score. Interestingly, the film had a lengthy development process. Sydney Sweeney first auditioned to play Cecilia 10 years ago and played a pivotal role in rescuing the project from development obstacles through her production company.

Uncovering Chilling Secrets

Sydney Sweeney

Immaculate is directed by Michael Mohan from a script by Andrew Lobel. Along with Sydney Sweeney, it stars Alvaro Morte, Benedetta Porcaroli, Dora Romano, Giorgio Colangeli, and Simona Tabasco.

The story follows a young woman named Cecilia who is invited to live in a seemingly idyllic Italian convent, only to uncover chilling secrets hidden within its walls.

Sydney Sweeney’s consistent box office success solidifies her position as a reliable star in Hollywood. Her 2023 romantic comedy Anyone but You, in which she co-starred with Glenn Powell, initially faced challenges in meeting opening weekend expectations. However, positive word of mouth turned it into a surprise hit.

Comeback After Madame Web Disaster

Sydney Sweeney

As a result, the Sydney Sweeney-led movie became the first romantic comedy since 2016’s Bridget Jones’ Baby to surpass $100 million domestically.

Also, it marked the highest-grossing William Shakespeare adaptation since Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet in 1996. Anyone but You drew inspiration from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

After her role in Madame Web, the newest addition to the Sony Spider-Man Universe, Sydney Sweeney has openly addressed the disappointment surrounding the superhero movie’s reception.

The actress candidly described the film as a stepping stone and a strategic business move to establish connections with Sony executives and move her career forward.

Saturday Night Live Appearance

sydney sweeney snl 1

Sydney Sweeney even humorously referenced the film’s challenges during an appearance on Saturday Night Live

Madame Web has struggled commercially, earning only $97.5 million against its $80 million budget. The film currently holds a dismal 12 percent critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the least successful installment within the SSU franchise.

Sydney Sweeney’s Upcoming Work

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney will next be seen in the upcoming thriller Echo Valley, directed by Michael Pearce and written by Brad Ingelsby. The film also stars Julianne Moore and Domhnall Gleeson.

The actress will also appear in the survival thriller Eden. Directed by Ron Howard from a script by Noah Pink, it also stars Ana de Armas, Vanessa Kirby, Jude Law, Daniel Brühl, Toby Wallace, Felix Kammerer, and Richard Roxburgh.