Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow Writer Announced And She’s A TV Actress

By Jason Collins | Published

Peter Safran and James Gunn’s slate of new DC movies continues to move forward, as previously announced Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is getting ready to take off. Actress and writer Ana Nogueira has been chosen to write the script for Supergirl, which is already one of the most highly-anticipated movies within the new DCU.

James Gunn Announces Ana Nogueira As The Writer For Supergirl

The news originates from James Gunn himself, who shared his admiration of Ana Nogueira’s script on Instagram and expressed excitement for her unique take on Supergirl. Nogueira is well known for her acting work, but she also built a very strong writing career, including a play and an adaptation of a short story.

However, Nogueira’s attachment to the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow isn’t all that surprising. She was previously linked to Supergirl projects planned for the old DCU before those plans were scrapped by Safran and Gunn.

Ana Nogueira’s Acting Career

As stated above, Nogueira has one foot in acting and another in the writing business, though she’s best known for the former rather than the latter. Her acting work includes appearances on The Vampire DiariesThe Michael J. Fox Show, and The Blacklist, all of which helped propel her acting career.

Writing-wise, Nogueira wore the play titled Which Way to the Stage and is currently working on adapting a short story called Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters. Both Safran and Gunn have full confidence in her abilities to do Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow justice.

DC’s Supergirl

supergirl movie

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is the first movie dedicated to the character of Supergirl in the modern DC cinematic universe and the second one in whole movie history. The original 1984 Supergirl, starring Helen Slater as Kara Zor-El, was a spin-off from the original Superman movies starring Christopher Reeves as the eponymous superhero. The main idea of the movie was to capitalize on the popularity of Superman; Supergirl sadly didn’t achieve the same level of success, both commercially and critically.

The Supergirl TV Series

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Still, it holds a place in the history of superhero films as one of the early attempts to center a film around a female superhero. More recently, Supergirl has been featured in various media, including a successful TV series that started in 2015, portraying the character in a contemporary setting with Melissa Benoist in the lead role.

This series has been more positively received and has contributed significantly to the popularity of the character, thus setting the sights for another shot at the live adaptation of Superman’s younger cousin.

Will Sasha Calle Return?

Both Safran and James Gunn are keeping the narrative of the upcoming Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow under very tight wraps, and apart from Nogueira’s involvement, nothing much is known about the project. There’s no release date—it will probably follow the upcoming Superman—and no words on the lead role.

We, just like the rest of the fandom, are generally pleased with Sasha Calle‘s performance in the latest Flash, but the chances of her repeating the role are seemingly non-existent because Gunn is doing everything possible to distance the new DC universe from the previous one.