Stranger Things Star Reveals How Series Will End

Stranger Things Season 5 will end "perfectly" according to Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

stranger things season 5

From the very beginning, Stranger Things has been a show built on mystery, with the first season devoted mostly to finding and rescuing Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers. Now that showrunners have confirmed that Stranger Things will end with Season 5, Forbes interviewed Schnapp and asked about the upcoming season. According to the young star, “The way they closed the show is just perfect — the story started with Will, and it’ll end with Will.”

Beyond that, Schnapp was tight-lipped about what we could expect from Stranger Things Season 5 (in fact, we’d wager he’s under instruction from the Duffer brothers to not spill the beans on anything major regarding the end of the series). Beyond the teasing detail about the end of the series, he said that “I can just tell you that I’m very very excited for what’s to come. I think they did a great job with Will’s character this season, and beautifully addressed everything they needed to.”

Of course, many fans are quite divided about what Stranger Things Season 5 would need to do with Schnapp’s character. For example, the previous season very heavily hinted that the character of Will Byers is gay and struggling with his feelings for Mike. For fans rooting for Will’s struggles with his self-identity, simply seeing him come out and receive acceptance from his friends and family might be enough.

stranger things season 5

Other fans think that what we can expect from Will in Stranger Things Season 5 was already hinted at in the rocking finale of season 4. Specifically, Will’s character seemed to have a kind of premonition towards the end of that season of the horrors that would soon be visiting their beleaguered town. This may be a kind of power Will developed after spending so much time in the Upside-Down in season 1, and his connection to these malevolent evil forces may mean he plays a big role in defeating them once and for all.

And more than a few fans are worried that Will is going to die in Stranger Things Season 5. The show isn’t afraid to play rough with its characters, leaving Max in a coma at the end of the previous season. If Will’s apparent connections to the Upside-Down end up being the key to defeating the villainous Vecna, we could see the show doing something bittersweet like having Will sacrifice himself to save his friends (especially unrequited crush Mike).

In addition to connecting season 1 to season 5 thematically, a Will-centric Stranger Things Season 5 might finally get to do the character some justice. He was sidelined for the entirety of the first season, and he’s had arguably far less character development than any of the other core kids. A final season where Will takes center stage might belatedly give the character much-needed development to make up for previous seasons.

Ultimately, we should probably admit that Noah Schnapp was being deliberately cagey when discussing Stanger Things Season 5. To say that the series will “end with Will” could mean something as simple as his character is in the final scene or a final shot of the series. Still, Will Byers has a rabid online fanbase, and they are more than ready for a final season to do right by their favorite character and his unfortunate haircut.