Duffer Brothers Tease Lots Of Tears For The Final Season Of Stranger Things

The Duffer brothers reveal that they had executives weeping when they pitched the final season of Stranger Things.

By Gareth Skarka | Published

With Stranger Things nearing it’s fifth and final season, there are many people wondering exactly what creators the Duffer Brothers have planned for Eleven, Mike, Will and the rest of the cast of characters. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ross and Matt Duffer and executive producer Shawn Levy were joined by some members of the cast (Caleb McLaughlin, Joseph Quinn, Jamie Campbell Bower, Priah Ferguson, Eduardo Franco and Millie Bobby Brown) for a panel discussion in Los Angeles on Sunday night, and gave some hints of what’s to come — including the fact that during a full-season pitch with Netflix, they got the executives to cry.

“I felt it was a good sign that these executives were crying,” Matt Duffer said. “The only other times I’ve seen them cry were like budget meetings,” he joked.

Ross Duffer told moderator Patton Oswalt that they’ve already turned in the first script a few weeks ago, and they’re already on to the second. He said that they developed an overall plan and backstory, a great deal of which were revealed in season four. Duffer added that they have so many characters now, who are just as important as the 80s pop cultural references and the supernatural to the success of the show, that it’s important for them to wrap up those character arcs.

“It’s about these people, it’s about these characters,” he said.

The brothers said that they see Stranger Things’ final season as a culmination of all of the seasons which went before, so it has a little bit from each — whereas each season previous was distinct: three was their big summer blockbuster with a big monster, four was psychological horror, etc.

David Harbour Stranger Things
David Harbour in Stranger Things

David Harbour, who plays Sheriff Jim Hopper, said in a recent interview that playing the character has been one of his favorites, but he is looking forward to other options. He also says that while he definitely is excited, there is “a real sadness” that comes with the show ending. 

Maya Hawke has confirmed that she wants her character Robin to die in the fifth season by having a “hero’s moment” of some sort. Season 4 star Joseph Quinn had a very similar moment at the end of the season when his character, Eddie Munson, saved the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana by sacrificing himself to a swarm of devil-bats, after rendering an epic performance of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”.

The final season is scheduled to air in 2024, but it may not be the end of the Stranger Things universe. Shawn Levy, executive producer and director of Stranger Things, revealed this information during a recent interview with Variety. According to Levy, “Yes, we are building out the STCU, and now that I’m spending time with [chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment] Kevin Feige, I’m learning a lot about how to manage a universe.” 

So we may see more of Hawkins, Indiana, or the Upside-Down, in future spin-offs. A comic book spin-off, featuring Dr. Martin Brenner (aka Papa) is already underway from Dark Horse Comics, and a video game is currently in development as well.