Strangers Things Star Appearance Hints At Season 5 Return?

By Jason Collins | Published

The breakout star of Stranger Things, Joseph Quinn, is scheduled to meet the fans across North America as part of an exclusive agreement he signed with FAN EXPO HQ—the world’s largest convention producer. According to ClickOrlando, Quinn will meet Stranger Things fans and sign autographs, prompting many to believe that he’ll appear in the upcoming Season 5.

Joseph Quinn Returning?

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However, Joseph Quinn’s appearance in the upcoming Season of Stranger Things isn’t officially confirmed, and considering the ending of Season 4, his return might be difficult.

Stranger Things fandom is well acquainted with how things go; whenever someone new joins the main crew of the show, the odds of them being snuffed out in some heartbreaking fashion stack incredibly high.

This is a well-known thing in the Stranger Things series, and Eddie was introduced in Season 4 as the character was written explicitly for that Season.

Eddie Was A Fan-Favorite Character

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From what we’ve seen in the previous Season of Stranger Things, Joseph Quinn’s offbeat, guitar-strumming, DnD-playing high-schooler, Eddie Munson, spent the majority of the Season on the run after the people of Hawkins wrongly accused him for the murders he didn’t commit.

However, Season 4 ended with Eddie getting slaughtered by a pack of Demodogs whilst absolutely shredding Metallica’s “Master of Puppet,” which, while sad, wasn’t actually surprising considering the show’s track record.

Great End For The Character?

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Furthermore, the character writing had Eddie as a proper outsider who abhorred social conformity and was equally despised by those around him.

However, his sacrifice saved the very people who despised him, giving Eddie’s life a noble ending.

Joseph Quinn previously stated that there’s a great beginning and a great end for a character, and while it would have been great to reprise the role for another season of Stranger Things, the brilliantly-written Eddie Munson got a brilliantly realized ending.

Breakthrough Performance

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Joseph Quinn’s appearance at Stranger Things panels at various conventions doesn’t actually indicate the character’s return for the upcoming Season.

Quinn had several TV acting credits to his name before his breakthrough performance as Eddie, so signing a popular actor to meet the fans and sign autographs is good business practice, not foreshadowing or lowkey indication of the character’s return to the acclaimed series.

And we’d be perfectly okay believing in that if the concept of character resurrection hadn’t been a recurring theme in Stranger Things.

Other Characters Have Returned

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Characters such as Eleven, Jim Hopper, and Will Byers were all presumed dead but later appeared alive in the series.

Stranger Things often plays with the themes of death and survival, often blurring the lines between the two. So, it’s not outside the realm of possibilities for Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson to have somehow miraculously survived the attack by Demodogs.

The actor already shared some ideas on how Eddie could be resurrected for Season 5.

Stranger Things Season 5 Coming To Netflix

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Ultimately, without any official confirmation by those involved in the show, we have no idea whether Joseph Quinn is really making an appearance in the upcoming Stranger Things Season 5.

The only thing we can do is sit and wait for the Season to drop, most probably sometime in 2025.