1980s Sci-Fi Horror Fantasy Fan-Favorite Series Needs Rescuing Because You Can’t Legally Stream It

By Charlene Badasie | Published

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Despite its popularity, the 1985 revival of The Twilight Zone is not available to stream. While the first two seasons of the popular anthology series are listed on Prime Video, the show cannot be accessed via the platform in most territories, including the United States. A few episodes can be found on YouTube, but it would take a lot of effort to successfully find them.

The Twilight Zone Revival

The Twilight Zone originally aired from 1959 to 1964. Created by Rod Serling, each standalone episode places its characters in unsettling and bizarre situations. The series often explores genres like fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, usually ending with a surprising or chilling twist that typically carries a moral message. The show, filmed in black-and-white, aired on CBS for five seasons.

In 1985, CBS launched a revival of The Twilight Zone. The new iteration aimed to capture the essence of the original series while updating it for contemporary audiences. It retained the anthology format, featuring standalone episodes with various actors, directors, and writers contributing to each story.

A Different Format

Unlike its predecessor, the 1980s Twilight Zone featured a few separate stories in a single episode rather than a single narrative.

While the iconic voice-over narrations remained, they were less consistent than in the original.

Some installments only had an opening or closing narration, while others had none at all. The multi-segment format gave the show more flexibility in terms of time.

Just Three Seasons

As a result, episodes varied in length, ranging from concise eight-minute tales to more elaborate 40-minute mini-movies.

After airing for two seasons on CBS, Twilight Zone concluded with a third and final season in 1989 for syndication.

Despite its relatively brief run of 65 episodes, the revival series managed to cultivate its own fan base as it offered a fresh take on the classic show.

Shatterday And Healer

Some notable episodes from the first season of the 1980s Twilight Zone revival include “Shatterday,” in which a character named Peter Novins accidentally dials his own phone number, connecting with his alter ego, and a frazzled housewife discovers a necklace with the power to freeze time. In “Wordplay,” Bill Lowery enters a parallel universe where people speak garbled English.

Healer And Shadow Man

In “Healer,” a cat burglar named Jackie Thompson profits from a stolen Indian artifact with healing powers, and a girl brings her bickering parents to a mysterious Children’s Zoo.

In episode 10, “The Shadow Man,” the titular character defends a young high schooler in exchange for shelter, and a boy learns magic tricks from a bizarre kids’ show while his parents remain oblivious.

Not Same Level Of Success

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While the 1985 revival of The Twilight Zone may not have achieved the same level of iconic status as the original series, some installments were hailed by critics.

As such, the series remains a notable entry in the franchise’s history, offering a fresh interpretation of Serling’s timeless themes and storytelling techniques.

In 2019, another version of The Twilight Zone was released. Hosted and executive produced by Jordan Peele, the series updated iconic tales for new generations of viewers. Each episode delves into thought-provoking narratives with modern twists, often exploring societal issues. Notable episodes include “The Comedian,” where a stand-up comedian makes dark bargains for success.