Stranger Things Season 4 Is Set To Achieve A Massive Record

Stranger Things Season 4 is set to achieve another massive record, as the new season is being viewed by a massive amount of people on Netflix.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Stranger Things Season 4 has just come out, and already the show is witnessing some of the best numbers that Netflix has ever seen. In fact, the show is set to achieve a massive record if its stays on course with its current popularity. Currently, the new series of the show has logged a massive 335.01 million hours of viewership hours on the streaming platform in just a week. After the 10 days of being out, the show skyrocketed to 621.80 million hours of viewership. This has led to the new season leaping up into the #3 spot for all-time viewing for English-language television shows. The usual viewing records are measured within a 28-day period by Netflix and the new season of everyone’s favorite 1980s retro horror show is set to hit the #1 spot within the next few days.

The only other two shows that are currently beating Stranger Things Season 4 are Bridgerton Season 2, which holds 656 million hours of viewership, and Bridgerton Season 1, which holds 625 million hours of viewership. The thing of note in this record is that Stranger Things has already achieved over half those numbers in a week, and it is now only four million hours away from taking the second spot. Should the show stay popular, which it will, the series could set some historic numbers on the platform. That is in the case of English-language shows. The current record for the highest viewed show in Netflix history belongs to the international success of Squid Game, which holds 1.65 billion hours of viewership.

Stranger Things Season 4 is also sitting in the #5 spot all-time of shows viewed on Netflix. As previously mentioned, Bridgerton Season 1 and 2 are in the #4 and #3 spots for all-time viewership (and #1 and #2 for English-language shows). In the #2 spot for all-time viewership is the Spanish-language thriller, Money Heist (Part 5). That series currently holds 792.2 million hours of viewership. Stranger Things might just fly past Bridgerton and even overtake Money Heist, as there are still another 18 days left until Netflix officially counts the numbers.

Basically, and without having to continue to kill people with numbers, Stranger Things Season 4 is hugely popular. The show is being talked about by droves of people, and part one of this two-part season has been going well. It’s been going so well that it could mean it could surpass the legendary Squid Game. That is a lofty goal but jumping into #5 in all-time viewership numbers is a huge gain. We might be seeing a new king of Netflix in the coming weeks.

Stranger Things Season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix, and part one of this new season contains seven episodes. Each episode is over an hour-long, and The Duffer Brothers had promised to make sure each episode felt like its own short movie. That is certainly the case, and this new season is surely living up to and surpassing its predecessors. Part two will be coming out on July 1st and will contain episodes eight and nine. The ninth episode is said to be 2 and a half hours long. That is one way to break some Netflix records.