See The Stranger Things Cast Mess Up In Every Way Possible

A Stranger Things blooper reel shows the cast hilariously messing uo.

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

Some of the best productions are the ones where the cast and crew are having the most fun, and the Stranger Things set seems to count themselves among these. IGN has released a blooper reel on their Twitter feed from the show’s most recent season. Stars Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Joe Keery, Maya Hawke, Joseph Quinn and more can be seen flubbing their lines, jumping their cues, or just plain pranking one another in the video.

The reel includes outtakes from Stranger Things Season 4, in which a mysterious creature named Vecna terrorizes the residents of the small town of Hawking, Indiana, while its superheroine Eleven has relocated out of the state after losing her powers to the Mindflayer in Season three. New characters include Eddie, Hawking high school’s resident metalhead and Dungeons and Dragons club leader, and Argyle, Jonathon’s new friend from their California neighborhood.

stranger things 4

Stranger Things always delivers on serious scares, tension, and drama, even touching on sensitive issues. The young main characters frequently deal with bullying from classmates, and Season 4 makes mention of the “Satanic Panic” era of the 80s that targeted both heavy metal music and the fantasy genre, particularly Dungeons and Dragons. Since the Netflix show draws upon so many themes of horror and the supernatural, as well as more serious issues, sometimes the tension has to be broken for its young stars, and the video shows us a glimpse of that.

Sometimes, the actors are just reacting to the seriousness of the scene, laughing in the face of an intense glare or pronouncement of doom. Millie Bobby Brown opens the video with what was surely an intense shot focused on Eleven, but the actress starts laughing when she opens her eyes to a camera so close to her face. Stranger Things actors Paul Reiser and Matthew Modine have a tense showdown later on in the reel, only to burst out laughing.

Physical bloopers abound as people slip, trip, and fall in the middle of filming. When Gaten Matarazzo faceplants during one of The Party’s expeditions, he gets right back on his feet, disclaiming, “I’m living life. Let’s do it again.” Joseph Quinn’s Eddie looks like a guitar hero after taking a tumble with a six-string in hand.

Some of the excerpts are from actors flubbing their lines, by tripping over words or just outright forgetting what they were supposed to say. In one scene, Joe Keery pronounces, “I’m pretty sure that I… can’t remember the rest of this line” without breaking character. In another, he and Maya Hawke have some laughs over the number of times they had to say “boobs” in retakes of the scene.

There is also no lack of the cast hamming for the camera. Not everything they do in the blooper reel is acting as they make silly faces and poses, or show off tricks and hidden talents. Even the older cast members such as David Harbour, Winona Ryder, and Brett Gelman get in on the act with some silliness of their own.

Overall, the blooper reel gives us an inside look at the set of the popular show and the personalities of its cast members. Seeing how much fun they have making it gives us a hint of why viewers have so much fun watching it.