Star Wars Completely Ripping Off Marvel Series Idea?

By Douglas Helm | Published

Star Wars series idea

Could the multiverse be heading to Star Wars? While Marvel’s journeys into the multiverse have been met with mixed reception, it seems that LucasFilm might be taking a cue from Marvel and creating its own What If…? Series. This report comes from scooper Daniel Richtman, and it’s definitely an idea that Star Wars fans would probably be on board to see.

Star Wars already has an incredibly compelling non-canon animated series with Star Wars: Visions, which features original characters in original stories animated by different studios from all over the world. As incredible as Visions has been, there would undoubtedly be an extra layer of interest if we could see non-canon animated stories of our favorite characters. Marvel’s What If…? has already told numerous stories featuring alternate events of our favorite heroes.

Marvel What If
Marvel’s What If…? series

The rumor doesn’t indicate whether the Star Wars version of What If…? would be live-action or animated, but you have to imagine it would be the latter. While What If…? has nabbed many of the live-action Marvel characters to reprise their roles in the series, it’s nice to have the option to have a voice actor come in to play characters like Tony Stark if Robert Downey Jr. isn’t willing or available to reprise the role. It’s hard to imagine Harrison Ford coming back for a TV show to play Han Solo, but animation means we could still have alternate-timeline Han Solo stories without LucasFilm having to bother Ford.

If the Star Wars version of the animated multiverse anthology comes to fruition, maybe What If…? director and executive producer Bryan Andrews will get his wish for a crossover. Apparently, Andrews asked for an MCU and Star Wars crossover, which Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige shot down. If Star Wars gets its own alternate universe series, maybe we can increase the chances of this coming together.

Scene from Star Wars: Visions
Scene from Star Wars: Visions

Even if a Star Wars and MCU crossover never happens, it would still be awesome to explore the What If…? questions in the Star Wars universe. The possibilities would be almost endless, and there are so many creative directions that the show could go. Even imagining the different episodes is enough to get fans hyped about the show being a reality.

An obvious Star Wars What If…? episode could explore if Anakin never turned to the dark side. Another possibility would be exploring what would happen if the Jedi stopped Order 66 and Palpatine. Or maybe an episode that shows Mace Windu surviving Order 66 and what he would do in exile.

But obviously, there is one Star Wars What If…? episode that would have to be done to ensure fans are appeased. Everyone needs to see the episode “What If…Jar Jar Binks was a Sith?” Come on, Disney, give the people what they want.

Since the Star Wars What If…? show is just a rumor now, we’ll just have to wait and see if it turns out to be true. In the meantime, you can check out the first season of Ahsoka on Disney+ to catch up on the most recent Star Wars project. You can check out the newest season of Marvel’s What If…? On Disney+ as well.

Source: Daniel Richtman