Disney Launches Brand New Streaming Service To Destroy Competitors

By Britta DeVore | Published


There’s no doubt about it – in this economy, we’re all trying to save a buck. One very helpful way of doing this over the last few years is cutting back on the number of streamers that subscribers are paying for, with many choosing to deactivate pricey accounts and opt for the free solution of free ad-supported options. While the House of Mouse has stayed away from this last-ditch attempt to bring audiences in, Disney is officially entering the ad-supported streaming game. 

Although Disney just recently announced its dip into this new form of streaming, the company has long been building up its repertoire. Things first kicked off back in the Spring of 2023 when the studio used its ABC app to bring audiences the first wave of free content. Since then, it’s been snowballing into becoming quite a competitor for other similar offerings like Tubi, Pluto TV, and Xumo Play.

What’s Included On The Free Service?

From engaging in your favorite sporting event to taking a round-the-world trip, Disney’s latest streaming effort has seen the collection of such networks like ESPN and National Geographic.

The free live channels also include a 24/7 feed of fan-favorite ABC shows of yesteryear including Supernanny and General Hospital Spotlight – a channel dedicated to all things the beloved soap opera. There are also free episodes of recognizable titles like 20/20, Cesar Milan: Better Human Better Dog, To Catch a Smuggler, Wicked Tuna, and more.

The free app also brings viewers in cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and more the most up-to-date breaking local news. Now on the forefront of the ad-supported revolution, Disney is ready to get its hands dirty in the streaming business and become a real competitor against the likes of Paramount and Fox, both of which have already been raking in the millions with their platforms. As the big networks duke it out to gain the most customers, it will stand to be seen who comes out on top and who folds under the pressure.


As of right now, Disney hasn’t moved toward sharing any of its own productions on its new streaming service. For titles coming directly from Disney Studio as well as Pixar and Marvel, the only place to tune in is still Disney+. While the company may see extra dollar signs in incorporating these projects with the ABC app down the line, right now they’re keeping them separate for paying customers only.

Hoping to put some more money in their bank accounts, Disney, Prime Video, Max, and other big-name streamers have been upping the price for their subscribers, putting in more ad-supported tiers in place. Unfortunately, this means that, for the most part, consumers are paying more and still getting commercial interruptions during their shows and movies.

While these free services are a great way to save a buck or two, without bigger titles joining the offerings, subscribers are likely to continue shelling out the cash for the official platforms. 

As we jump into the New Year, studios like Disney and Fox will continue their push to flip the streaming world on its head. Along with Disney’s ABC app, Warner Bros. Discovery will also be joining the streaming wars with its ad-supported service WBTV, which is set to launch at an undetermined time in the future.

Source: ABC