Star Trek Just Fixed The Klingons, See Their Return To Glory

Star Trek: Discovery arrived with its very first episode and totally ruined them. But now it's fixed. Glory to you, and to your house.

By Josh Tyler | Updated

Klingons are one of the most iconic parts of the Star Trek universe. They’re complicated, violent, noble, sometimes evil, and beloved. Or at least they were until Star Trek: Discovery arrived with its very first episode and totally ruined them.

Discovery decided to reboot the Klingons and give us a new take on them, a take nobody wanted. The show drastically changed their appearance to make them look like generic scary space orcs from any run-of-the-mill franchise. Then it changed their very nature by transforming them from honorable warriors to basic assholes.

Thankfully, the trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 just fixed all that, with a single shot. Here it is…

Star Trek Klingons
Klingons on Strange New Worlds season 2

The above image, taken directly from the Strange New Worlds season 2 trailer depicts Klingons that not only look the way Klingons are supposed to but act the way we want them to. They’re toasting Spock with blood wine, no doubt celebrating some victory he helped them achieve. It’s not the sort of thing Star Trek: Discovery‘s space orcs would ever have done.

For comparison, here’s what Klingons looked like on Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek Klingons
Space Orc from Star Trek: Discovery

And here’s another shot of a Klingon from the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 trailer…

Star Trek Klingons
A real Klingon

And here’s how Klingons are supposed to look, as seen in every Star Trek thing since Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979…

Star Trek Klingons

Strange New Worlds is a spinoff of Star Trek: Discovery and actually takes place after the period of space orc Klingons depicted in that show. So this means that, canonically, Klingons are fixed and outside of that one year when they looked totally stupid for some reason, they can go back to being the Klingons we’ve always loved.

They’re saved. We’re saved.

Not only did Strange New Worlds fix the Klingons themselves, it also fixed their ships. Returning them to their former glory. Here’s a shot of a classic Klingon D7 battlecruiser which appears briefly in the trailer…

Klingon Battlecruiser in Strange New Worlds season 2

And here’s how they looked previously after Star Trek: Discovery ruined them…

Klingon ship on Star Trek: Discovery

And here’s how Klingon Battlecruisers have looked in basically every version of Star Trek except Discovery

Classic D7 Battlecruiser

Yep. They’re back. All is right with the world.

Yes, everyone knows Klingons looked different when they were first introduced in the Original Series. It was the sixties, they didn’t have the ability to do proper Klingon makeup back then. They had an excuse. Star Trek: Discovery did not.

Klingons in the 60s

The Klingons that matter, the Klingons that have helped make Star Trek into what it is, are the ones that we were first introduced to in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The Klingons they’ve always been since then. The Klingons that made Worf, the only Star Trek character to appear as a permanent cast member in more than one Trek television series, who he is.