The Most Beautiful Work Of Art In Star Trek History Just Returned For A New Voyage

By Josh Tyler | Published

Over the course of four seasons, Star Trek: Lower Decks has proven itself as the ultimate celebration of everything Star Trek is or can be. Last season the show brought us back to Deep Space Nine and this week they brought us back aboard the original USS Voyager.

Best of all, they didn’t just give us a Voyager cameo, Mike McMahan and the Lower Decks team brought us aboard Voyager for a full-on, Voyager-style adventure through the show’s very freaky past. In doing so, they put their animators to work on lovingly recreating the USS Voyager as she’s supposed to be, both inside and out.

Here she is, the most beautiful work of art in Starfleet history, the USS Voyager.

USS Voyager and USS Cerritos
USS Voyager meets the USS Cerritos in Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4, episode 1

So what happened to the USS Voyager after the show ended and her crew went home? She went to a restoration expert who spent years working to turn one of the most famous ships in the Federation into a traveling museum. The entire ship is now an homage to the bravery and ingenuity of Captain Janeway and her crew.

USS Voyager on Earth as a museum

Every inch of the ship was lovingly recreated in animated form by the Star Trek: Lower Decks crew.

Even Voyager’s interiors have been brought over to animation in an extremely accurate, loving transport into animation.

Here’s the Voyager bridge in animated form…

And here’s the way you remember in live action…

USS Voyager bridge
USS Voyager Bridge

The Voyager transporter room in animated form…

Transporter room
USS Voyager bridge on Star Trek: Lower Decks

And the live-action transporter room for comparison…

USS Voyager transporter on Star Trek: Voyager

Seven of Nine’s Borg regeneration alcoves in animated form…

Borg alcove on Lower Decks
Borg regeneration alcoves on Star Trek: Lower Decks

And here they are as you remember them in live-action…

Seven of Nine
Seven regenerating on Star Trek: Voyager

Hallways? Animated Voyager’s corridors…

Voyager corridor
USS Voyager corridors on Star Trek: Lower Decks

look the same as the live-action ones…

Star Trek: Voyager corridor
A corridor on Star Trek: Voyager

Even Neelix’s kitchen is on the animated ship, complete with a Neelix stand-in…

Neelix on Lower Decks

I think Neelix would be proud, even though it seems his kitchen has been moved to a slightly different spot in the mess hall, for the museum. Also, nothing is on fire.

Neelix cooking

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the USS Voyager since Star Trek: Voyager ended. The ship showed up for a brief, one-shot cameo in Star Trek: Picard season 3.

Voyager on Picard
USS Voyager on Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard season 3 takes place many years after Lower Decks. By then, the USS Voyager has finished her museum tour and taken her permanent place in the larger Starfleet ship museum alongside other iconic vessels.

It’s hard not to notice that the animated Voyager from Lower Decks is actually a much better recreation.

USS Voyager on Star Trek: Lower Decks

The live-action version from Star Trek: Picard doesn’t really get the ship’s color right and there are a few other shape oddities.

star trek voyager
USS Voyager on Star Trek: Voyager

Voyager’s appearance in Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4 is proof that no one loves, cares for, and respects Star Trek more than showrunner Mike McMahan and his animation crew.

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