The Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix Needs An Entire Movie Universe

By Steven Nelson | Published


Dive into a world where science fiction meets military action in Spectral, now streaming on Netflix. When mysterious supernatural phenomena wreak havoc in a war-torn European city, it’s up to an elite group of soldiers and a brilliant scientist to confront the unthinkable and determine the nature of the threat. 

As they venture deep into the heart of the conflict, boundaries blur between our reality and what lies beyond. Grab your gear and prepare for an intense, pulse-pounding journey that will challenge the very essence of what you believe to be real. Spectral doesn’t pose just another mission; it’s a descent into the unknown.

Catch the sci-fi thriller Spectral streaming on Netflix

Spectral is a high-stakes sci-fi action film that unfolds in a war-torn European city plagued by a deadly and mysterious supernatural force. When U.S. troops sent to quell the rebellion in the city start getting decimated by apparition-like entities, the U.S. military employs the expertise of Dr. Mark Clyne, played by James Badge Dale.

Clyne is a scientist and engineer for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), who originally developed the high-tech goggles that allow the soldiers to see these otherwise invisible threats.

In Spectral, upon his arrival, Clyne teams up with CIA officer Fran Madison (Emily Mortimer) and a Delta Force squad led by Major Sessions (Max Martini). Together, they embark on a perilous mission into the heart of the city to find out the nature of the supernatural entities and devise a way to combat them.

Throughout their journey in Spectral, the team uncovers the mysterious origin of the apparitions, linking them to an experimental energy source and a previous failed attempt to harness it.

In the movie, Clyne and the team devise innovative strategies and weapons to counteract the spectral beings

As they delve deeper into the heart of the mystery, Clyne and the team devise innovative strategies and weapons to counteract the spectral beings. The story combines intense urban combat sequences with moments of scientific discovery and suspense, creating a unique blend of military action and paranormal investigation.

With the clock ticking and the threat escalating, Clyne and his allies must unravel the enigma of the spectral forces and find a way to neutralize them before the entire city, and potentially the world, is consumed by the otherworldly menace.

The film becomes not just a battle of bullets but also a battle of brains and innovation, testing the limits of human ingenuity against an unknown spectral adversary.

The Potential For A Spectral Franchise

Spectral laid down a solid foundation that’s just screaming for more exploration. The film serves us a blend of science and supernatural that’s both fresh and intriguing. Imagine diving deeper into that universe—there’s so much more we could uncover!

Then there are the characters. We’ve scratched the surface with Dr. Mark Clyne, but what about the others like the CIA’s Fran Madison or those Delta Force guys? 

There’s a goldmine of Spectral backstories waiting to be unearthed. And don’t get me started on the tech aspect. The devices in the film? Super cool. But picture this: even more advanced ghost-busting gadgets in the sequels.

Plus, while the first Spectral movie had its roots in Europe, who’s to say these specters won’t pop up in other parts of the globe? Imagine the cultural twists and geopolitical drama that could introduce. 

Lastly, the big questions about life, death, and what’s in between—it’s ripe for some philosophical deep dives. Given the blend of action, deep narrative, and the potential for more, it’s a no-brainer to me: Spectral has the makings of a top-tier movie franchise.

In this realm, science meets the supernatural. Prepare for an exhilarating ride as Spectral delivers pulse-pounding action with a dash of otherworldly mystery. Whether you’re a fan of high-tech military operations or intriguing supernatural phenomena, this film offers a delightful fusion that keeps you on the edge of your seat. 

As it continues to captivate audiences on Netflix, one can only hope that this cinematic gem is just the beginning of more spectral adventures to come. Until then, dim the lights and immerse yourself in a world where the invisible becomes ominously tangible. Don’t miss out on this unique thrill ride!