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Why America Stopped Caring About Space Exploration

Talk to any scientist and they’ll tell you that the United States is suffering from a lack of vision. We’re …

6 days ago


Asteroids On Collision With Earth Unstoppable?

By now, we’ve all seen our fair share of science-fiction movies involving asteroids striking Earth and destroying our way of …

1 week ago

Cosmic Ray Hits Utah And It Comes From Beyond Our Galaxy

According to a recent report from CNN, a mysterious cosmic ray has appeared in the state of Utah, with origins …

1 week ago

Mysterious Lunar Swirls On The Moon Finally Explained?

Swirling patterns etched into the lunar surface may have just revealed a significant clue about their origin. Research led by …

1 week ago

Exoplanet Mystery Finally Explained?

Exoplanet scientists have potentially solved a mystery that has been baffling researchers for years, and have reason to believe that …

1 week ago

The Sun Just Shocked Scientists With First Aurora Ever Seen

The Sun appears to have its own version of the Northern Lights. According to Live Science, astronomers have recently sighted …

2 weeks ago

See The Dinosaurs That Lived Near You

A new interactive website has been launched which allows users to trace dinosaurs to their geographic location. While it may …

2 weeks ago

Lost City Under The Ocean Unlike Anything On Earth

According to a recent report from ScienceAlert, a lost city has been discovered in the watery depths of the Mid-Atlantic. …

2 weeks ago

NASA Jupiter

Orca Attacks Being Defeated By Death Metal

Death Metal music is a great way to tick off your upstairs neighbors and in-laws, but CBS News reports that …

2 weeks ago


Jupiter’s Moon Io Covered In Volcanoes, First Map Charted

Jupiter’s moon Io is the third-largest moon of Jupiter and the fourth-largest moon in the Solar System, and as recent …

2 weeks ago

Neuralink Dead Monkey Photos Being Hidden? New Exposé Reveals Shocking Horrors

Videos documenting the Neuralink experiments have also disappeared.

2 weeks ago

Scientists Are Diving Into Uranus

While Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter have been scrutinized by the probes and rovers of scientists, the distant ice giants Uranus …

2 weeks ago

Invisibility Cloak Deep-Sea Fish Spotted

There are plenty of deep-sea denizens in the dark depths of the ocean that are easily disguised from prying eyes, …

2 weeks ago


Chipotle Founder Opening New Robot Restaurant

According to a recent write-up in Eater, over a dozen new robot-operated restaurants will soon be erected in New York, …

2 weeks ago

system Gliese 667

Earth-Sized Planet Discovered, Can It Sustain Life?

Scientists have discovered a small terrestrial exoplanet (LTT 1445 Ac) 22 light-years away that bears a striking resemblance to Earth, …

2 weeks ago

China Slams Vehicle Into The Moon

China has been found to be the source of a mysterious crash on the moon, a case which has now …

2 weeks ago

Gigantic Cosmic Vine Discovered In Deep Space

Over the years, scientists have made significant strides in mapping the intricate cosmic web – the complex network of filaments …

2 weeks ago

Samson Switchblade Flying Car Takes Flight

The Samson Switchblade flying sports car has successfully made its inaugural flight after years of development and testing. The hybrid …

2 weeks ago

Four-Eyed Creatures Discovered Are Brand New Species

Approximately 80 percent of the ocean floor remains unmapped and unexplored, which means that there are plenty of strange species …

2 weeks ago

mars oxygen

China Plans Mars Retrieval Sample From Red Planet

According to Universe Today, China is planning to bring a sample from Mars back to Earth by 2028. This would …

2 weeks ago

Sex In Space? Research Into Making Babies During Space Exploration Is Underway

They say in space, no one can hear you scream. Moaning, however, is a different story. A Dutch company is …

2 weeks ago

NASA Apologizes For Jupiter Colonization Message

Have you ever looked up at the stars and dreamed of visiting the planets in our Solar System? Well, the …

2 weeks ago

Underwater Cavern Hiding Under Mexico Supports Incredible Living Organisms

Despite all of our advancements in scientific research, the natural world still holds a treasure trove of secrets just waiting …

3 weeks ago

Einstein’s Relativity Proven Wrong?

Calling one of the greatest minds of the 20th century wrong is a bit presumptuous, but the math and physics …

3 weeks ago

3000-Year-Old Secret Language Unearthed By Archeologists

Archaeologists have discovered what appears to be a secret, long-lost language that is over three millennia old. According to ScienceAlert, …

3 weeks ago

the challenge

Wooden Satellite Launching Into Space Next Year?

Sustainability isn’t just for those of us with our feet firmly planted on Earth anymore. According to Live Science, NASA …

3 weeks ago

Chemical Reaction That Started Life On Earth Recreated In Lab

The origins of life on Earth have long been a subject of fascination, with scientists trying to figure out how …

3 weeks ago

top gun sued top gun 3

Boom Supersonic About To Test Passenger Jet

Interested in supersonic passenger jet travel? If so, look no further than Boom Supersonic, an innovative startup dedicated to achieving …

3 weeks ago


Astronaut Accident Leads To Object Lost In Orbit

Imagine – you’re gazing up at the night sky with your honey, courtesy of the high-tech telescope you’ve just purchased …

3 weeks ago