Smartypants Makes Beloved Comedians Give The Best PowerPoint Presentations Ever, See The Hilarious New Series In Action

By Douglas Helm | Published


What’s funnier than watching people give silly PowerPoint presentations? Watching comedians give silly PowerPoint presentations, of course. The streaming service Dropout is hopping on the TikTok PowerPoint party trend with SmartyPants, a series that features performers delivering a PowerPoint presentation on numerous ridiculous topics.

Hosted by Rekha Shankar, Smartypants looks like it will be a brilliant addition to Dropout’s steadily growing lineup of comedy shows. The trailer teases what kind of presentations we can expect from the show, including “Which cryptid is the chillest to blaze with,” “No thank you, the ocean,” “Reasons why eggs are the best,” and “The United States government should build me a Gundam.” It’s all the PowerPoint topics you wish you could have presented at your recent Zoom meeting, but just couldn’t.

The Dropout performers featured in Smartypants will include guests like Katie Marovitch, Demi Adejuyigbe. Erika Ishii, Paul F. Tompkins, Jacob Wysocki, Mike Trapp, Vic Michaelis, and more. It’s definitely easy to see how this show could become a hit, especially through clips on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. In any case, you can watch full episodes of the show when it premieres on April 25 on the Dropout streaming service.


The first season of Smartypants will have ten episodes, and episodes will be released every other week on Thursdays after the premiere on April 25. Of course, if the series is as popular as other Dropout shows have been, there will undoubtedly be more seasons to come. In the meantime, there is plenty to check out on the Dropout streaming service.

Dropout, formerly CollegeHumor, has proved the independent, ad-free streaming model can be effective. The streaming service has consistently released quality comedy series in the vein of Smartypants. While it may not have the immense subscriber count of massive services like Netflix, it has carved out its own niche in comedy programming, especially after the release of its highly entertaining and TikTok-able game show series Game Changer, which started in 2019.

Game Changer is one of numerous ongoing shows in the Dropout repertoire, along with its longest-running series Um, Actually, the Dungeons and Dragons live show Dimension 20, the musical improv Play it By Ear, and more. Smartypants marks the newest entry to the Dropout lineup after releasing one new show in 2023, the comedy series Very Important People. Other ongoing shows include Dirty Laundry and Make Some Noise.

Dropout is currently owned by CEO Sam Reich, who also hosts Game Changer and its spin-off Make Some Noise. The streaming service is especially notable because it’s completely ad-free, and all of its content is original programming. The streamer mostly creates improv comedy, like Game Changer where players are unaware of the premise and rules that Reich has created for each game.

Smartypants will undoubtedly continue to maintain and grow Dropout’s steadily consistent subscriber base. We’ll have to wait and see when the series drops later this month. Make sure to check out the first episode when it hits April 25.