Exclusive: Seven Of Nine Series In Development

Seven of Nine will lead a new Star Trek series in development.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

A series starring former Borg drone-turned-Starfleet officer Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) is currently in the works at Paramount. According to our trusted and proven sources, one of the new upcoming Star Trek series will feature Seven of Nine as the lead character, making it one of the first female-led series in the franchise. It will also presumably continue the storyline for the character that was introduced in the recent Picard series starring Patrick Stewart, as well as its generally darker, grimmer tone.

Seven of Nine leading a series is a logical next step for the franchise, since the character was re-introduced in season one of Picard and then promoted to a regular in season two. Given that Picard will finish up after the upcoming next season (in which Jeri Ryan will once again appear), it makes sense to choose a recognizable Star Trek character to keep with the established narrative. While the third season of Picard will feature appearances from basically every character that ever appeared on The Next Generation (with a few exceptions), there has been enough recent character development for Seven of Nine for viewers to hopefully want to see more.

Star Trek Picard Seven of Nine

Picard takes place some twenty years after the conclusion of Star Trek: Voyager, after which Seven of Nine took up a commission with a peacekeeping organization patrolling the Romulan border. Since then, Seven of Nine teamed up with Picard, explored their shared Borg-related trauma, briefly became a Borg Queen, was transported into a parallel universe in which she was never assimilated and became President of Earth, and finally became an actual officer of Starfleet. It is very easy to imagine an ongoing series that explores what will become of Seven of Nine commanding her own Starfleet vessel. 

It can be assumed that a forthcoming Star Trek: Seven of Nine series will be released on the Paramount+ streaming platform, as essentially all new shows in the franchise are. Currently, there are more Star Trek shows airing concurrently than ever before, with Picard, Discovery, Lower Decks, Prodigy, and Strange New Worlds all in production. Reportedly, there is also a Section 31 series in the works starring Michelle Yeoh, which will follow the exploits of Starfleet’s hidden, morally-flexible black ops division.

Star Trek has been in a cultural resurgence for several years now, with series like Strange New Worlds receiving enormous acclaim and viewership. However, this has been exclusively in the franchise’s original format, episodic television; there has not been a Star Trek feature film since 2016’s Star Trek Beyond. While a Star Trek 4 is in development (with the introduction of a whole new Kelvin Timeline crew, we are told), it appears more and more that Paramount is leaning into television production for the franchise.

A Seven of Nine series would be a welcome addition to the Star Trek franchise, delving into one of the most intriguing characters to emerge from the Voyager series. If it ends up not being quite as dark and pessimistic as Picard, that would be fine with us, but we will just have to see.