Star Trek Blockbuster Movie Return In The Works

By Brian Myers | Published

star trek movie

It’s been eight long years for Trekkies since the release of the last feature film in the Star Trek cinematic universe. But recent news from Paramount Studios has fans of the film and TV series excited. A new Star Trek movie is currently slated for development, which could be either a sequel to the 2016 film Star Trek Beyond or an origin film for the entire cinematic timeline.

A Kelvinverse Prequel?

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This past January, Paramount was still strongly considering producing another film in the Kelvin timeline. A prequel to the 2009 Star Trek movie, the project is said to be a total expansion of the entire Trek universe. Should the studio go this route, it would seem that they are positioning themselves for the movie series to have multiple routes for future additions on the big screen.

Star Trek 4?

star trek movie

But a prequel/origin story isn’t all that is being considered for the next Star Trek movie. Star Trek 4 has been rumored to be the next move for Paramount, as it can give fans a wrap-up of the Kelvin timeline. In an interview at the recent SXSW, Roddenberry COO Trevor Roth mentioned a new Star Trek movie coming out in “the very near future,” but never committed himself to whether or not it would be the origin story or Star Trek 4.

Behind The Scenes Drama

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Roth hinted to audiences that though Paramount and Roddenberry Enterprises are both excited about a new Star Trek movie going into production, that there are behind-the-scenes issues that could be stalling development. But Roth’s overall tone was encouraging, the representative insisting that there is “no lack of recognition” on the part of either entity wanting a new film (or two) from being created.

The Star Trek Movies

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The Star Trek movies have enjoyed a storied run ever since the first feature film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, was released in 1979. Since then, five additional films were made based on the original 1960s television series and its characters. In 1994, the first of four feature films that followed the Star Trek: The Next Generation heroes were released.

The current timeline of films began with 2009’s Star Trek, directed by J. J. Abrams. The film was followed up with sequels in 2013 (Star Trek into Darkness) and 2016 (Star Trek Beyond). That tallies 13 total Star Trek movies in the franchise.

The Creators And Cast


Should Paramount continue first with the development of the origin story for the next Star Trek movie, director Toby Haynes will be at the helm and J. J. Abrams is slated as the project’s producer. Seth Grahame-Smith is said to be penning the screenplay. Haynes is best known for his work on the hit shows Black Mirror and Andor, while Grahame-Smith earned his writing chops from developing the screenplays for The Lego Batman Movie and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

No casting information has been provided for either upcoming Star Trek movie project, and few details for the plotlines are available. But with all the fanfare about them in recent months, you can be sure that Trekkies from across the universe will be lining up at theaters for the openings.

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