Netflix Sci-Fi Apocalypse Series Final Season Gets 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

By Jason Collins | Updated

Netflix has finally released the awaited Sweet Tooth Season 3, bringing about a conclusion to the series. For the past three seasons, fans followed Gus, the series protagonist, who happens to be a hybrid between animals and humans, on a quest to find his mother. The conclusion of the series, according to those who already binged it, is fantastic—as confirmed by a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Is A Hit

Sweet Tooth Season 3 starts right where the previous season ended, with Gus, Tommy, Bear, and Wendy going to Alaska to find Gus’ mom, Birdie, who has been attempting to find out where the Sick come from.

There’s also a new villain in the series, the last of the warlords in the new world, whose mission is to get human births started again—she’s aided by children/wolf hybrids. Gus now continues his quest while being hunted by humans who desperately seek to undo whatever caused the birth of the hybrids and bring the world back to the way it was.

Questioning The Future

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This seems to be the driving theme of the Sweet Tooth Season 3 narrative, the human fight against change and the attempt to revert the world to its state before the hybrids. And for many humans who have persisted in this new world, there’s a strong focus on how things were before the hybrids. Unfortunately, this doesn’t spell well for Gus and the gang in the new season, who are wondering whether or not humans are even worth saving if all they do is try and harm innocent hybrid children.

New Characters Join The Cast

Sweet Tooth Season 3 also introduces plenty of new characters that seek to slow Gus down instead of helping him reach his destination in any major way. The viewers are introduced to the community in which Birdie lives in Alaska, including Siana, her hybrid daughter Nika, and plenty of other people. However, introducing these three characters was just a means to an end in the final season, as they mostly helped fight enemies and had gained very little character development.

The Future Of Hybrids

But these aren’t the only characters introduced in Sweet Tooth Season 3; the series also introduced Zheng’s pregnant daughter Rosie and her team of anti-hybrid workers. The spotlight is placed more on Rosie, who seems to be torn between a future in which her mother ends all the hybrids and a future in which all the hybrids, including her wolf-hybrid children, can thrive. For those who have just started Season 3, Rosie’s internal conflict is addressed later in the season rather than sooner.

Streaming Exclusively On Netflix

In the end, Sweet Tooth wasn’t the smoothest of television rides, considering that the second season wasn’t as great as the first one. However, Sweet Tooth Season 3 addresses some of the issues of the second season (just some) while also tying the entire narrative together into a beautifully concluded apocalyptic story that’s actually filled with hope and love. Paired with its relatively short format, Sweet Tooth, as a whole, is a binge-worthy experience.  

Source: Rotten Tomatoes