See Chris Pratt’s Horrific Injury After Following A Social Media Fad

Chris Pratt was stung by a bee on his eyelid after he tried to emulate a beekeeper named Erika Thompson.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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We would imagine that Chris Pratt has certainly trained a ton to be in the movies he has recently been starring in, and how buff he got to play Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Owen Grady in the Jurassic Park franchise, and James Reece in The Terminal List. Well, the famed actor trained for many hours, only to be bested by a simple bee. Pratt had taken it upon himself to follow the life of a beekeeper, who openly approached bees without proper safety equipment, and now he has a massively swollen eye to show for it, which you can see below:

In a hilarious message posted to his Instagram page, which was directed at Texas Bee Works, Chris Pratt explains how he has been enthralled by their social media page and wanted to emulate what he saw. Unfortunately, Pratt has not worked around bees for that long, and a singular bee was able to sting him directly on the eye. The whole ordeal is explained in the above video, including a shot of his horrid eye once he takes his sunglasses off.

Chris Pratt directly addresses the “bee lady” in the above video, who is none other than Erika Thompson. Thompson’s own posts show her openly hanging out with thousands of bees, and she has no protective equipment on, which is something that Pratt should have known not to do. Instead, he now has to deal with a swollen eye, though he blamed the bee lady for his unfortunate accident.

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The video also contains an NSFW instance of Chris Pratt saying, “f*** you, bee lady.” We would like to point out that Pratt is an actor, and one that has likely not been around thousands of bees, and how they behave. Thompson, on the other hand, has spent her life understanding these stinging insects.

Thankfully, Chris Pratt does not seem to be allergic to bees, as he looks as though he is going to recover fully. However, we cannot imagine the pain that he likely felt from having to find and retrieve the singer from his eye. Also, the puffy eye that he is displaying in the video is likely going to impair his vision for at least a few days.

We know that people like to emulate what they see on social media but let Chris Pratt’s injury remind everyone that nature should not be trifled with. If you are not a beekeeper, and one that has been around the insects for years, you should probably stay away.

At the very least, we all get to have a chuckle as Chris Pratt reveals the puffy eye that he sustained from wanting to be like Erika Thompson. Thompson should be flattered that someone tried to be like her, though she would have likely cautioned Pratt to not go waltzing into a hive without knowing what he is doing. Being around a single bee is frightening enough, but thousands would send us running for the hills.