Zombieworld Anthology Wants Your Undead Short Films

By Nick Venable | Updated

We’re banking on the fact that you have at one point looked around the cinematic landscape and thought to yourself, “Look at all of these crappy zombie movies. I don’t understand how people keep putting this crap out. If I made a zombie movie, it would be the best one ever. Not this crap.” And then you just punch a hole in someone’s chest, because we like to think you’re strong like that. Anyway, amateur filmmakers should take note of the contest being held over at the esteemed horror site Dread Central, for which they want your absolute best zombie short film to be added to an upcoming anthology film they’re producing. This could be your brain-covered ticket to fame, people!

Dread Central has teamed up with Jesse Baget and his Ruthless Pictures to make us all citizens of Zombieworld, a project that will by default become the greatest independent zombie shorts anthology ever put together. The basic wraparound plot is that the world is suffering due to a pandemic that brings about a zombie ambush. I wonder if that means people rising from the dead are off limits or not. (Yes, I’m currently concocting ideas in my head as I write this, so don’t be surprised if I leave mid–)

With worldwide distribution already secured, Zombieworld is just waiting on content to fill it. Entrants should keep their films between 5-15 minutes and obey the law when creating them, but otherwise there aren’t any limits as to what these shorts could contain; it’s also free to enter your digital files. That in and of itself is almost as frightening as any zombie fiction I can imagine. The contest started on April 21 and the deadline is May 30, with winners being announced on June 15. The grand prize winners will receive $500 and their film will be put into the final version of Zombieworld. Those whose films were winners but don’t make the feature cut will still receive $100.

You can enter the contest here, and don’t forget to watch the video above, which uses a nifty computer animation to explain everything. Way cooler than seeing real people you probably won’t recognize saying all of this. These guys are thinking on higher levels.

So that’s about it. The only thing stopping you now is time, money, equipment, and pretty much life in general. But only if you let them. Personally, I think my submission is going to be an iPhone recording of me throwing bricks at TVs with The Walking Dead paused on scenes where Carl is on the screen. However many credit cards I need to max out to get the proper number of smashed-up Carl TVs, it’s worth it.