TARDIS Trashcan May Be Bigger On The Inside

By Brent McKnight | Updated

Office-sized garbage cans never seem to be big enough. Maybe you just generate an inordinate amount of refuse, but they always overflow. Maybe what you really need is a trash receptacle that harnesses the power of Doctor Who’s TARDIS.

This TARDIS shaped garbage can won’t allow you to fly through space, or travel through time, but maybe, just maybe it is bigger on the inside and will allow you to stuff it full of a ridiculous amount of crap. Okay, it won’t, it’s just a normal garbage can with no extra powers, but as you stamp your assorted office waste down with your foot, you can certainly pretend. Doesn’t that sound like much more fun the your average refuse bin?

Not only is this shaped like the Time Lord’s preferred method of interstellar travel, but it comes complete with flashing lights and battery-powered sound effects. When you step on the pedal to pop the top, the police box light illuminates and plays the materializing sound. As the lid flips shut, the can emits the TARDIS dematerializing sound. Don’t worry, even though it makes the noise, the can doesn’t actually disappear. In case you were wondering. Wouldn’t it be cool, though, if it jumped through time, dumped your trash, and came back? Hopefully science will one day give us the garbage can we so desperately desire.

And if all that racket starts to piss you off after a while, there’s a hidden switch that allows you to turn them off. You could also take out the batteries if you’re so inclined. The TARDIS garbage can is 16.5 inches tall (and is actually smaller on the inside), and retails for $89.99, plus shipping.