Star Wars: Episode VII: Wampas And Droids And Chrome Troopers, Oh My

By Brent McKnight | Published

Because this kind of thing seems to come in waves, there’s even more Star Wars: Episode VII news floating around. But don’t worry, while interesting, and definitely in the potential spoiler category, this is nothing like the report that came out yesterday that basically gives away the ending of the film. Seriously, it’s so big that many sites that trade in rumors and spoilers of this sort refused to run it (we’re even talking about sites that, in some instances, have been the first ones to post spoilers, which should indicate just how earth-shaking that news was). We won’t talk about that specific topic anymore, but there are things beyond here that could ruin some things for you.

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As with so many reports of this sort that have surfaced lately, this one originates at Making Star Wars. To be honest, I’d never heard of the site until recently, and I have zero idea of just how reliable they are. People out there that I trust do trust them, so there’s that, but just remember to take all of this with a healthy grain of salt. If nothing else, I tend to find these spoiler-y discussions fun, and we have a lot of time to kill before Episode VII, and we might as well fill it talking about Star Wars.

First up, there’s a scene with new droid. From the description, this one seems much smaller than either R2-D2 or even Chopper from Star Wars Rebels, both of whom are in the same general category and timeframe. This one only comes up to about your mid-thigh, is said to resemble something from WALL-E, and apparently looks sad, however a robot with no face can appear maudlin. Near the droid in this particular scene there’s an alien, who is said to look like Station from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, and, “He has a towel on his head and his costume appears to be similar to a kimono.” Daisy Ridley’s Kira character is also there, and when John Boyega’s character ignites a lightsaber, everyone is shocked and in awe.

This doesn’t reveal much about the story or the characters, but it shows off (metaphorically speaking) a couple of new pieces of the universe, and, from this description anyway, this moment captures as sense of wonder. There aren’t many Jedi left, and most of these characters have probably never seen a real life lightsaber. If this is the first time such a thing occurs in Episode VII, I also imagine that there’s going to be a big ass cheer from the crowd.

wpid-received_m_mid_1411580290416_f635063bade6d3b558_0We saw this image of one of the so-called chrome troopers, what appear to be a new incarnation of the traditional stormtroopers, a while back. They’ve supposedly changed since then. That cape in the picture is not there, and here is how it is described:

The top of the Chrome Stormtrooper commander’s head is not unlike a TIE-Fighter/AT-AT driver helmet. The eyes are more like a classic Stormtrooper’s eyes as opposed to the Star Wars: Episode VII Stormtrooper’s visor look. There’s a chance this changed but with what I looked at, it was like the classic Stormtrooper. The left side of the helmet has a communication type device that moves down and isn’t on the ride side of the helmet. The part underneath the head helmet, the face area, reminds me of a folded napkin (with a Stormtrooper face printed on it) if that makes sense. It doesn’t have the rounded trim at the bottom like the classic Stormtrooper, it’s almost like Darth Vader’s mask in a way.

This report also suspects that Gwendoline Christie’s character could be their leader. That makes sense, we’ve heard that she could be a leader of such a troop, and even that she could be after Boyega’s character, who we’ve heard may be an AWOL foot soldier. But taken with another report, there’s more. We’ve heard that Adam Driver may be an aristocrat who collects Sith artifacts and that the chrome troopers may be his private security force. This wouldn’t be a huge thing, but, if that’s how it works out, it could give us an idea how all of these characters are connected and will ultimately come together.

WampaAnd the last bit for now is just kind of strange, but it involves a kind of lightsaber we’ve never encountered before. Just read this:

A wampa claw lightsaber. Imagine a wampa claw and the lightsaber fits into the talon. It has a red button on the side. There are two different saber designs that aren’t that far apart in differences (one has etching on the nail and the other doesn’t). This sits at the side of the Chrome Stromtrooper Commander’s right side on a utility belt while the cape flows freely behind him or her in the wind.

I don’t really know what to make of that, or even how to picture it to be quite honest, but this, like everything else, is definitely something to keep an eye out for when Star Wars: Episode VII finally opens December 18, 2015. Will we even remember we heard this rumor by that point?

This is the way.

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