Star Wars: Episode VII’s “I Am Your Father” Sized Spoiler Revealed

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We may be 14 months away from actually seeing Star Wars: Episode VII, but it’s never far from the front of our minds. Rumors, reports, and news have been flying fast and furious, but we haven’t encountered any that compare to this latest one. And for the love of god, be aware there are MAJOR SPOILERS beyond this point. We’re talking, holy shit, Luke-I’m-your-father level spoilers. If correct, this is a total game changer. You’ve been warned. Now prepare to get your mind blown.


The folks over at Making Star Wars have been a wealth of Episode VII news, and that’s where this report originates. They admit that there are some gaps and missing pieces, and that they’ve seen things that give this news a bit more context, so keep that in mind when you read on. That’s enough preamble, lets just dive right in.

Star Wars Episode VIIYou probably remember that cyborg looking villain we saw depicted in a piece of concept art a while back, and this all revolves around him. He’s got a black cloak, is part man and part machine, and looks to be holding Darth Vader’s broken helmet in his hands. According to this report, other images give a clearer view. He reportedly has a familiar human mouth, and they go on to describe more pieces that show this twisted, deformed, though still strangely familiar figure. You see this character holding Darth Vader’s burned, warped helmet, obviously showing a great deal of reverence for him. His right hand is mechanical, similar to both Anakin and Luke’s.

Over the next few images described, various reports and rumors we’ve heard start to come together. One shows Daisy Ridley’s character, who we’ve learned to call Kira at this point, on an ice planet, one that is not Hoth. She’s holding the blue lightsaber that reportedly kicks off the action of the film, trying to run from this mysterious figure who is holding her in place in a very Darth-Vader-using-the-Force way, while one of her companions, possibly John Boyega’s character, sneaks up on the villain. The mouthpiece the stranger wears is described as looking like Vader’s.

Next image shows the cloaked figure sitting on a throne as Kira approaches. MSW’s sources say that she thinks she is there to meet Luke Skywalker, only to find this monstrous form, and they believe these interiors are of the Skellig Michael set, coinciding with the castle on the Irish island. Another image shows Kira, in this same location, a resigned, defeated look on her face, embracing this mystery figure as her companion looks on.

Daisy RidleyAnd here’s the big reveal, which you may have already deduced by this point: this cloak wearing, more-man-than-machine figure is none other than Luke Skywalker. Kira has been looking for him all along, but isn’t at all what she expected to find. As the report says, “The evil she sought to vanquish with the help of Luke Skywalker, is Luke Skywalker.” That’s enough to crush anyone’s spirit and make you give up.

We’ve heard that Luke is missing, that the search for him forms the core of the action of Episode VII, and even that, once found, he’s not going to be what is expected, but wow. If this is true, and again, it’s just hearsay at this point, that’s a huge development, one that totally changes everything. Whether or not Abrams and company can pull it off remains to be seen, but damn, like it or not, you have to give them credit for going big, moving in an unexpected direction, and taking a major, major chance. Messing with one of the most beloved characters in cinema history is a risky proposition, and one that could easily backfire in so many ways. If you thought the backlash over the prequels was bad, what if they screw this up?

This article wraps up talking about an image of the Millennium Falcon and supposes that the film ends with Kira joining whatever Luke’s evil quest is, while another character, again, possibly Boyega, flies away. That’s grim, like the end of Empire grim, and is a bold choice to make for the first movie in the new trilogy. Obviously we won’t know for sure until Star Wars: Episode VII opens everywhere on December 18, 2015, but that definitely provides something to think about. This movie could indelibly alter the landscape of the entire franchise in one fell swoop.

What do you think of this idea? Do you hope it pans out? Do you absolutely not want it to go this way? Are they messing with the fabric of Star Wars too drastically? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Mandalore2280 says:

    While that actually sounds better than any other “plot” leak I’ve heard, not sure they’d go that bold and mess with Luke. If that’s the case then they’re just re-hashing the Vader story line, and the whole redemption foundation of the original trilogy is just shot. Not sure you can mess with something so fundamental. While a cool idea (almost like a Revan story), that would negate anything that happen in both the prequel and original trilogy.

    • Lexicon says:

      Sounds like they’re taking elements from Dark Empire then.

      • Mandalore2280 says:

        Agreed, only thing though is how jacked up Luke is in this description. In Dark Empire he was still farm boy looking Luke, no cybernetics or anything like that, he just wore more black. This is not just changing a character’s personality, the amount of cybernetics is changing his physical appearance too. That’s like taking Captain American, an icon, and throwing him in a wood chipper.

    • SgtSlim says:

      “If you end your training now — if you choose the quick and easy path as Vader did — you will become an agent of evil.”
      Foretold by Yoda himself.

  2. Bob A. Booey says:

    If this is the story, I’m bailing out of the whole thing.

  3. Jason Lee says:

    I think this could work if they were to go with a story that isn’t black and white, but very grey. Both sides believe they are right and will do what it takes to succeed. Sometimes the best villain is one who believes he’s doing good.

  4. RancorRodeoClown says:

    I hate this idea. Luke redeemed Anakin/Vader just to not only embrace the Darkside but be totally physically obliterated by it to basically become Vader?? I hate when sequels ruin the victories of previous films by trashing things. Luke is our hero. Can he struggle with the Darkside? Yes. Can he feign allegiance to the Darkside like in the Dark Empire storyline to destroy evil from within? Yes. But to make Luke a f**king nearly all cybernetic Sith is way too far out there… I hate it. Why even get Mark Hamill if your going to turn him into a frigg’n crispy critter robot? If there is accuracy in this supposed story leak, better use that 14 months for a rewrite and reshoot, because this idea sucks!

  5. Robert says:

    I think I’m going to sell my stock in Disney. This is pure rot garbage. I don’t even care anymore.

  6. Andrew Mullins says:

    If this is true (and I seriously doubt it), there will be a pretty significant reason as to why Luke is that way. As in, people will think that he’s evil, blah, blah, but it will be for the good of the galaxy or some schtick.

    I just don’t see that happening. That being said, if it is true, I’d really like to know what J.J. is saying right now.

  7. Chris says:

    It’s tough to say. I mean, the Sith hierarchy basically demands that the apprentice kills the master and becomes master themself. But Vader “killed” the Emperor and then died himself. And Yoda states there are always 2. A master and an apprentice. So, assume the emperor is dead. If this story is true, Luke sounds like the master but has no apprentice. And I remember reading somewhere that the emperor was alive. So how would he get to Luke? Would Luke be swayed that much by the man who caused the death of his father? And what of the article posted a little while ago where Luke was on Dagobah?

  8. sounder says:

    I would take this ‘possibility’ with a huge grain of salt.

  9. Jay Newton says:

    Perhaps there are 2 Lukes. We’ve heard rumor of the severed hand from Empire being found. What if they take that tissue and create a clone from it. Now we have an evil Luke having been twisted for some nefarious purpose suddenly popping up after being absent. Han, Leia, and the rest of the gang don’t believe it and go on a search for the real Luke Skywalker.


  10. Chandler Haun says:

    I don’t buy it. Doesn’t jibe with that ‘contractually obligated beard’.

  11. James Sullivan says:

    Well, it sounds like Luke finally got to Tashi station for those power converters…

    But seriously. Luke one of the most beloved characters in cinema history? Wookie please!

    R2? Yup. Han Solo and Chewie? Abso-f@&$ing-lutely. Yoda? Love him we do.

    But Luke was a whiny, annoying character who turned into a brooding and annoying character. This actually sounds promising. And original. A Guardians of the Galaxy sized risk and the best news I’ve heard about the project since Harrison Ford got injured on a real, honest-to-God physical set. Not that I want him injured. But CGI doesn’t crush feet, only hopes and dreams. Sorry Mister Ford. I hope that you get well soon and thanks for bringing back the Shankara stones and the slave children. All of them.

  12. sounder says:

    It could just be the Emperor reborn in machine form.

  13. wookielover81 says:

    it sounds like the next logical step for a continued star wars saga, and luke’s child/children would ultimately be the ones to bring balance to the force there is an easy solution to explain the drastic transformation from good to evil, after going through his journey learning the truth about vader and having the confrontations with him, this would tip luke over the edge giving the perfect opportunity for DARTH SIDIOUS the now omnipresent sith lord to warp and twist lukes mind to his will similarly to palpatine with Anakin in the prequel trilogy however through appearing to luke in spirit form as obi wan does in the original trilogy. This arc is totally plausible however it will be a bitter pill to swallow for many of the hardcore star wars lovers who were born and raised on the original trilogy but it makes sense that the story arc of the prequel trilogy had to be told to enable the gaps in this story arc to be filled.

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  16. Nathan Paul Kennedy says:

    “You either die young, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain…”

  17. reesescape01949 says:

    This sounds awful and totally backwards. Not to mention it doesn’t add up with Mark’s beard. I think this is just another false plot line released to purposely misguide and confuse fans. Misinformation to sway us nerds away from the true storyline, which makes sense, and would be far more clever than reducing the original trilogy to a waste of time. Luke is a gray Jedi and beacon for the light side/good. Just because he flirted well with the dark side, doesn’t mean he’s going to undergo a total sith transformation with a weak twist. This isn’t game of thrones, it’s Star Wars, and Luke is the good guy light side archetype. at worst I see him either dying, going stir crazy from exile or accidentally killing a Jedi from the clone wars. Going full on cyber sith though? No.