Riddick Poster Will Paint The Darkness Of Comic-Con Blood Red

By Brent McKnight | Published

Riddick Comic-Con PosterSomehow San Diego Comic-Con, that mecca for all things nerdy, is right around the corner. Over the last few years the focus and content of the epic geek festival drifted away from actual comic books, and the gathering has become a launching pad for movies. As far as we’re concerned, this is good news, since we’re usually talking about movies with superhero, action, or sci-fi leanings. One such flick that wants to make an impression in 2013 is the Vin Diesel/David Twohy joint Riddick, and here’s a peek at an exclusive Comic-Con poster for the film.

The dark, blood-red image fits with the grim and sparse motif we’ve seen from the film thus far. This is much more in line with the first film in the family, Pitch Black, than the bloated, overblown sequel, Chronicles of Riddick.

There’s no word whether Diesel will be putting in an appearance at Comic-Con or not, but it sounds like it is a definite possibility. The action hero is fond of using his Facebook page to drop photos and information about his pet project, and posted this message: “It’s been over a decade, since I’ve been to Comic-Con…Grrr…The Furyan…” Does this statement mean anything? Maybe, maybe not. Make of it what you will. Diesel or no, this poster is pretty damn cool.

Riddick finds the titular space outlaw stranded on the surface of a desolate wasteland of a planet. While this world seems deserted, it isn’t. There are some rather pissed-off inhabitants, and before long Riddick is fighting for survival. His only avenue of escape is to leak his location to the bounty hunters who are constantly tracking him.

Riddick also stars Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff, Bokeem Woodbine, and Dave Bautista. It opens on September 6.