Jurassic Park Leaks Into The Real World Courtesy Of Improv Everywhere

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

It’s as if the guys from Improv Everywhere have a direct link into our minds here at Giant Freakin’ Robot, knowing just what movies we want to see taken into the real world. Granted, the movies that they’ve chosen are some of the most beloved and profitable films ever to exist, but we like to pretend. For their latest imaginary trek from celluloid to city streets, the group took on Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, and I’d tell you more about it, but there’s a dinosaur right there and I need to take my phone out and take as many pictures and videos of it as possible. I’ll call it the Vine-osaurus.

Even with only six “episodes” under their collective belt, Improv Everywhere have become one of the more interesting viral video groups out there, putting the unwitting general population into their performances. I wonder if any of the people they asked directions from actually thought they were part of the Jurassic World production. Obviously I’m talking about the people who smiled and got the joke, rather than the people who shrugged and said they didn’t know where Jurassic Park was. I feel sorry for all of those people, and their assumedly empty childhoods. Granted, it’s not everyday someone asks you a question that takes a movie’s fictional reality as fact, but anyone riding around New York in a Jurassic Park vehicle is bound to be up to something more complicated than just “being lost.”

And if the film logo on the side of the car doesn’t do it for people, what about the guy that looks exactly like Jeff Goldblum? Well, okay, he doesn’t really look a thing like Goldblum, but it’s hilarious just how much this guy looks like the Ian Malcolm character. It’s the hair and the ears, I think. People don’t realize this, but you can’t just improvise ears.

I can’t imagine what that girl was thinking as she genuinely tried to tell the group where they were, and the Alan Grant guy just stands up looking astonished, causing everyone else to start ignoring the girl, who eventually just walks away. Ain’t no shame in the improv game. It makes me kind of nauseated to see all the people with their phones. Somehow, cameras don’t seem as pretentiously lazy as phones do.

If you think seeing a fake-looking dinosaur in a park is awesome, watching a shitload of guys in suits and sunglasses fight in slow motion will really blow your mind.