Jurassic Park IV May Feature Aquatic Dinosaurs

By Rudie Obias | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

JP4 2015With Jurassic Park IV’s release date pushed to (most likely) summer 2015, we’ve heard very few details on the film’s premise or storyline. Director Colin Trevorrow teased that the new Jurassic Park film would take place at Site A on Isla Nublar, the location from the original Jurassic Park. We’ve also heard that Jurassic Park IV would feature a brand new dinosaur previously not seen in any Jurassic Park film. But how will these two elements play into the new Jurassic Park IV?

According to JoBlo’s inside sources, Jurassic Park IV will be a new type of film that we’ve never seen in any other Jurassic Park film and would put a twist on everything we’ve seen previously. The film’s storyline breaks down to Isla Nublar as the location of a new and working Jurassic Park theme park. Jurassic Park is now one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, bringing in almost 10 million visitors per year, and is completely safe. Apparently, Jurassic Park has been up and running for some time without any hiccups or deaths.

The Jurassic theme park is doing so well that they’ve opened a new Sea World-esque park called “Isla Nublar Lagoon.” The new unnamed underwater dinosaur attraction features more dangers than expected. The twist of Jurassic Park IV comes from the Velociraptors and T-Rex, which are now muzzled, “tamed,” and help Jurassic Park trainers with park safety. Of course, this being a Jurassic Park movie, things don’t go according to plan and dinosaurs will most likely wreak havoc on park guests. Perhaps Universal and Colin Trevorrow should re-title the film to Jurassic Park IV: Safety Not Guaranteed.

Jurassic Park IV sounds like a mix between a Jurassic Park movie and Jaws 3D. Remember Jaws 3D, the killer great white shark gets into Sea World and hunts people down at the theme park? Remember that movie being really bad? Hopefully, Colin Trevorrow could do something better with Jurassic Park IV than the above leak. This story just sounds silly. Although it does sound better than human/dinosaur hybrid creatures, right?

Jurassic Park IV will hit theaters everywhere sometime in 2015, in 3D and IMAX. Watch the Jaws 3D trailer below and think about a killer aquatic dinosaur instead of a killer giant shark: