Jurassic Park 3D Trailer Reminds Just How Good The Movie Was In 2D

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

With Jurassic Park celebrating its twentieth anniversary next year, of course it’s getting a theatrical re-release. And the state of Hollywood these days being what it is, of course it’s getting a 3D re-release. And me being who I am, of course I stopped paying attention as soon as I saw the word “3D.” But my disdain for the third dimension aside, this new trailer for Jurassic Park 3D does do one thing very well: it reminds me of just how good a movie Jurassic Park is, even two decades later, and regardless of how many dimensions you care to stretch it over. Welcome…to Jurassic Park.

It’s damned impressive how good this movie still looks, and 3D or no 3D, the temptation to see it on the big screen again might just convince me to put on the stupid MIB glasses to do so. Given the fact that it’s a Spielberg movie, I’m guessing they won’t be scrimping on the post-conversion, so at the very least the 3D will probably make good use of the technology.

You’ll be able to return to Jurassic Park — in 3D! – on April 5, 2013. You can also watch the trailer in HD over at Yahoo.