Jupiter Ascending: So What The Hell Was Going On In That Trailer Anyway?

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By David Wharton | Updated

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AmbitiousJust How Ambitious Is This Thing?
The Wachowskis themselves commented a while back that they don’t really know how to make small movies, and that trend certainly continues with Jupiter Ascending. And frankly, I love that their ambition hasn’t been diminished by the ups and downs of their Hollywood career. Love them or hate them, you know that a new movie from the Wachowskis is going to be massive in scope, audacious in concept, and wholly unlike most of what you’ll find in a movie theater on any given day. Cloud Atlas wasn’t a perfect movie, but it was ridiculously ambitious, a time-twisting epic about love and connection and fate and free will that is damn near a perfect storm of all the creative choices the movie industry is usually too scared and risk-averse to make. Say what you will, but nobody makes movies like the Wachowskis.

And while the siblings have avoided sequels after the Matrix trilogy that made them household names but also earned widespread ire from disappointed fans, Jupiter Ascending aims to change that trend. The movie is intended as the first of a trilogy — assuming it succeeds or Warner Bros. decides to stick by them even if the box office returns aren’t what they hope. While there’s a lot going on in the Jupiter Ascending concept, it’s at its core a pretty basic story, so it could be a crossover space opera hit that could lure in mainstream audiences who usually wander into our favorite genre mainly for tentpole films with Wars or Trek in the title. And I genuinely hope Jupiter Ascending finds that success. Even when I don’t love everything the Wachowskis do, I love that they get to keep doing it, and god knows I’ll take the craziness of a new Wachowskis movie over the all-access blandness of, say, the Transformers movies.

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