Harrison Ford’s Feud With Chewbacca Continues On Jimmy Kimmel Live

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

With a new Star Wars trilogy in the works, it’s a given that everyone on the planet wants to ask Harrison Ford about it. But Harrison Ford is not your dancing monkey. He was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new Jackie Robinson biopic, 42 — for the record, Ford is not playing Jackie Robinson — so he agreed to answer a few audience questions, so long as they didn’t concern Star Wars. Things were going about as well as you’d expect until…that damn Wookiee showed up.

As you can see above, Ford and his former Wookiee co-star aren’t exactly on speaking/grunting terms these days, all owing to a mysterious incident involving Chewie and one of Ford’s ex-wives. He has never gone into detail, but during a previous run-in with Chewbacca on Kimmel’s show, he screamed, “She was my wife! She’s still spitting up hairballs!” Ouch.

All kidding aside, this is one of my favorite running jokes ever, simply for how much Ford commits to it and sells the performance. Nobody can hiss “You sonovabitch” quite like he can.

If you missed the first run-in between Ford and Chewbacca a while back, you can see it below. In the meantime, we here at GFR would like to offer our services as impartial mediators whenever Ford and Chewie decide they’re ready to set aside their differences and forgive.

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