Harrison Ford Is Interested In Returning For Blade Runner 2

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

rick deckardFilm fandom allows for very fickle behavior. Loving a movie often implies nothing would be better for the viewer than spending more time in that cinematic universe, but the subject of extending that universe into sequels is where the conversation turns sour, with only the most extreme opinions getting voiced: “Sequels suck!” or “Sequels rule!” Ridley Scott’s proposed and possibly upcoming follow-up to 1982’s genre classic Blade Runner is enough to start a battle between people who otherwise agree on everything, and now there is a little more fuel for that fire. Harrison Ford recently told IGN that he is definitely considering coming bac for a sequelk, and really seems to be leaning in that direction. This was already a considerable possibility that seemed likely, but now the man himself is saying it. I mean, assuming this was the real Harrison Ford and not some Hollywood-manufactured duplicate.

While Ford has generally been keeping mum on the matter, he opened up during an interview promoting Ender’s Game. When asked if he’d be interested in returning for another film if the script was right, Ford said, “Uh, yeah. We’ve been chatting about it.” I guess he could have meant he and his barber were talking about it, but we’ll assume he meant Scott.

He was then asked if he remembered the original film’s production with fondness, and he responded with less vitriol than he has in the past, saying he remembered it “with complication.” But he then spoke of his admiration for Scott as both a man and a filmmaker, finishing with, “I would be very happy to engage again with him in the telling of — in the further telling of this story.”

I can’t imagine what would need to happen for Ford to suddenly become disinterested in it. How bad would that script have to be? Like, Crystal Skull bad? Or merely Prometheus mediocre? Said script is being written by Michael Green, who co-wrote the script for Green Lantern and created the series Kings, among other things. It’s easy to be worried here, but it’s also easy to get excited. Check out the full video below, which also taps into how Ford feels in retrospect about the theatrical cut’s needless narration.

Notice how he never specifically says he’s coming back as Rick Deckard. It would be equally awesome and horrible if they just wrote an entirely new role for Ford to play without referring to Deckard at all. Or if they revealed that he isn’t a replicant at all. Or he has a twin. The options are equally endless and nauseating.

Is Ford’s return good news or bad news for a Blade Runner sequel? Let us know in the comments and the poll below.

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