Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Will Feature James Gunn’s Favorite Character

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

guardians of the galaxyLast summer, Guardians of the Galaxy opened up a whole new avenue for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to explore. Now that it’s fully ensconced in deep space, there are tons of new storylines, planets, and new creatures to explore, and one of the things fans are eager see are which new characters show up in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Everyone has their beloved players they want to see in action, and that includes director James Gunn, who is in the unusual position of making this a reality, and he says he’s bringing his favorite out to play next time.

Guardians 2 doesn’t open until May 5, 2017, but Gunn already knows what story he wants to tell, and even though the execs at Marvel called it “risky” when he pitched it to them, they apparently signed off—the first film was more of a risk than the studio has ever taken, adapting one of their lesser known comics, and that paid off big time.

Gunn is also all over social media, and when he answered questions on Twitter, someone asked if there is a favorite character he wants to bring to life, and the Slither director replied, “And will do so in GotG2.”

What he neglects to divulge is the identity of said character. So now we’re left to speculate and wonder about which of the myriad Marvel characters is Gunn’s personal fave. This doesn’t even mean the character, whoever it is, will have a big role in the film, it could be that we see someone walk across the frame in the background or something of that nature. We certainly didn’t expect to see Howard the Duck show up in Guardians of the Galaxy, so who the hell knows how deep Gunn will go.

There are also a ton of potential characters that Marvel doesn’t own the movie rights to that they can’t use. Later on in the Q&A session, someone asked if there was one in particular he wished he could use, but can’t, and he replied that he’d like to play around with ROM Spaceknight, a character whose rights reverted from Marvel back to Parker Brothers, who acquired the rights from the creator, back in 1986.

Gunn has also said that Guardians 2 will feature more prominent female roles, so there has been speculation that any number of women from the MCU could show up. However it goes down, we probably won’t find out for more than two years. Who do you hope it is? Who do you want to see in Guardians of the Galaxy 2?