Giant Freakin’ Convention Calendar: Week Of 6/3/13

By David Wharton | Updated

ComicConWelcome to the Giant Freakin’ Convention Calendar! We’ll be your one-stop source for the science fiction/comic/etc. conventions happening during any given week.

Lauren Beukes — Scottsdale, AZ (June 5)
Beukes just earned some headlines this week when Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company nabbed the TV rights to her novel, The Shining Girls. (Read more about that right here.) She’ll be doing a signing at the Poisoned Pen.

Neil Gaiman and Chipp Kidd — Cambridge, MD (June 5)
Gaiman and Kidd will be signing at the Oberon Theater to promote Make Good Art, based on Gaiman’s speech delivered at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts in May 2012. The book version was designed by graphic artist Kidd.

John Scalzi — Lexington, KY (June 5)
Old Man’s War writer John Scalzi will be signing at Booksellers to promote his latest book set in that universe, The Human Division.

HeroesCon — Charlotte, NC (June 7 – 9)
As you might guess from the name, HeroesCon focuses more on the comics world than many more general cons. Guests include Neal Adams, Matt Fraction, Adam Hughes, Greg Rucka, Ben Templesmith, and more.

SciFest — San Antonio, TX (June 8 – 9)
It doesn’t look like there will be much on the guest front at this one, but admission is free.

Niagra Falls Comic Con — Niagra Falls, Canada (June 8 – 9)
Guests include Star Wars vets David Prowse and Jeremy Bulloch, Star Trek: Voyager’s Tim Russ, and Flash Gordon himself, Sam J. Jones. (And, as Seth MacFarlane’s Ted taught us, that’s a guy you want to party with.)

Con Kasterborous — Huntsville, AL (June 8 – 9)
You wouldn’t know it from the title (or at least I wouldn’t), but apparently this is a Doctor Who convention. Guests include…(sound of flipping papers)…Caitlin Blackwood. Who played…(sound of flipping papers)…young Amy Pond in “The Eleventh Hour.”