Ghostbusters Firehouse Recreated In Amazing Detail With Legos

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Webster’s Dictionary’s website defines research as an “investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts, revision of accepted theories or laws in the light of new facts, or practical application of such new or revised theories or laws.” But nowhere does it say anything about Ghostbusters, so fuck that definition.

German Lego builder/artist Alexander Jones — who goes by the Internet name Orion Pax — kicked life in the face and spent months relentlessly watching the two Ghostbusters films, as well as The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, researching and planning a near-perfect Lego representation of the famed firehouse headquarters at 14 North Moore Street in New York. To say his efforts were a success is like saying Ghostbusters is slightly better than it would have been with original cast members Eddie Murphy and John Candy. This model, which is almost too good to call a model, is amazingly intricate and filled with details everybody but set designers take for granted.




Seriously, just constructing the outside of the building with an open garage would have been impressive, but Orion Pax — the name of the robot that became Optimus Prime — did it all. From Egon’s lab, to the kitchen, to the basement with the containment unit, to Ecto-1 and Ecto-2. The only thing missing is Peter Venkman’s humility, but that was never there to begin with.









Now that this wonderful piece of toy architecture is complete, all we have to worry about is dogs and cats living together.