Carrie Coon Is Saving Movies By Preaching Physical Media, She Will Make You A Believer

By Brian Myers | Updated

carrie coon physical media

Last week, Carrie Coon, co-star of the upcoming film Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire sat with JoBlo movie critic Chris Bumbray and made a pitch for collecting physical media that’s so solid that it is changing the perspectives of movie aficionados. Following up on an appearance on The Tonight Show where she told host Jimmy Fallon about her and her husband’s massive collection of Blu-rays, the actress opined in her interview that streaming films comes at a cost for fans.

Among her reasons for collecting physical media is that it’s the only way for audiences to enjoy many titles from previous releases.

10,000 Blu-Rays

Carrie Coon revealed that she and her husband, Tracy Letts, have amassed quite a collection of physical media. In the home she shares with the screenwriter are more than 10,000 titles on Blu-ray alone in a collection that the couple is continuously adding to.

She credits Letts with demonstrating just how inaccessible many older titles are, making it more important than ever to generate support for smaller labels. These are the ones working hard to remaster and release classics and films with cult followings on physical formats.

Home Theater Viewing

carrie coon physical media

Carrie Coon told JoBlo that she and Letts frequently go to their home’s basement to view films, under the condition that Letts will select a film that she has never seen before.

The actress frequently takes to X to post about what film she is preparing to watch on physical media, the last of which was the 1983 David Cronenberg science fiction masterpiece Videodrome.

While this particular title can be streamed currently with a subscription to AMC+, there are seemingly countless others that fans of the genre are being starved from enjoying.

Classics Not On Streaming


One might be inclined to believe that it is only obscure entries across film genres that are only available on physical media.

But doing simple searches for where to stream box offices successes like Young Frankenstein, Cocoon, and Dogma will yield no results.

For fans like Carrie Coon and others to be able to enjoy many films, it’s required to either obtain a copy on physical media or wait patiently until they are run on a television network.

Need DVDs Or Even VHS

carrie coon physical media

While there are a good number of titles that have been released on various forms of physical media since their theatrical releases, there are many that have not been available since their original releases on DVD or VHS.

This, according to Carrie Coon, is why it is so important to support the small companies that are working hard to save great films from fading completely into the cinematic oblivion of lost films.

Carrie Coon Is Correct

carrie coon physical media

Streaming films have many advantages over possessing physical media, to be sure. Digital downloads and streaming from online platforms take up less space in homes and in the landfills.

But the pitfalls aside, until more films are made available to streaming subscribers, Carrie Coon continues to make excellent points as to why physical media should be preserved and supported.

Companies Restoring Films

Among the companies currently restoring older films and releasing them on physical media are Kino Lorber, Arrow Video, Criterion, and Shout Factory.

You can be sure that Carrie Coon’s ever-growing collection of Blu-rays is dotted with many titles from these companies that are growing to become champions of the industry.

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