Feeling Sassy? This Rick Grimes Gender-Swap Costume Is For You

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

sassy rick grimesEven though Halloween is still over a month away, it is technically never too early to start planning out a costume. And while you could take it easy on yourself by just buying a gory mask, or perhaps a cleverly ironic costume, chances are, you’ll want to reference one of your favorite forms of entertainment. For some of you out there, that will be AMC’s The Walking Dead. (You masochists.) But anybody can throw some ragged clothes on and be a zombie. What you want is to have some authority. You want to be a cop. You want to be…Sassy Rick Grimes. Wait, you don’t? Well, it’s probably because this is one of the dumbest costumes ever.

I’m in the camp that thinks female costumes are geared way too heavily towards “unimaginatively slutty.” But that’s not the case here. This just a “short skirt, sheriff’s hat, sheriff’s badge and belt with holster and utility pouch.” What, it doesn’t even come with a sassy personality? What a ripoff. Also, she’s holding a bloodied machete that isn’t included. The only thing that’s really cool about this costume is that it doesn’t come with Carl Grimes. (I’m pretending the blood on the machete came from Carl’s neck.) But without a weapon, this literally has nothing to do with The Walking Dead. I bet it doesn’t even have an “official” Rick Grimes badge. No one in this series is sexy, even though nearly everyone is sassy. Let’s pretend it doesn’t exist and look a few ideas for Walking Dead costumes that make more sense.

Since dressing up like Rick Grimes is for chumps, let’s look at how you can properly pull of the infinitely more badass, and also more expensive, Daryl Dixon look. At least, if you decide to follow this list, which lays out how you should get an old shirt and some pants, dirty them up, and then buy a crossbow, a gun, and a red handkerchief. Or, if that’s too complicated, just get this hoodie. But get a real crossbow.


The Governor has quickly become one of the more fearsome characters on television, though it generally has more to do with David Morrissey’s acting rather than how the show actually uses the character. But if you think you can bring more to the table than Morrissey, now you can. Though if you just wear an eye patch and don’t say “Arrrr,” you’ve already got it made.


Or maybe you should just be a robot and pretend it’s part of the recently announced spin-off series. Robots are cool.

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