Characters From The Walking Dead Who Deserve A Spin-Off

By TeeJay Small | Published

The Walking Dead was always known for its growing ensemble cast of incredibly dynamic characters. Though the series killed off hordes of named protagonists seemingly as cavalierly as the characters themselves mowed down hordes of Zombies, audiences have been known to become quite attached to the revolving door of guest arcs the show had become known for.

Now that The Walking Dead has officially ended, paving the way for a number of upcoming spinoffs, here are a few of our favorite characters who deserve a spinoff of their own.

5. Magna

Magna, as portrayed by The 100′s Nadia Hilker, was a late addition to The Walking Dead, though her impact on the show was massive. The character led a group of sovereign survivors which joined the Commonwealth, and though many side characters from the group perished, Magna managed to stay on until the very end.

A possible Magna spinoff could focus on he interwoven politics of her journey as the group’s leader, or the character’s future at the Commonwealth alongside her girlfriend Yumiko. Given that The Walking Dead ran for 8 full seasons before we met Magna and her crew, there’s surely plenty of interesting obstacles they must have tackled together before integrating into the main cast.

4. Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel Stokes serves as one of The Walking Dead‘s most intriguing characters. Though many fans found the religious zealot grating in his first several seasons, Gabriel’s humbling journey eventually made him a compelling character that fans around the world tuned in to see.

By the end of the series, Gabriel had suffered a great deal of losses, including an infection that rendered him mostly blind, a crisis of faith, and the death of his partner, Rosita.

In his final on-screen moments, Gabriel continues raising Rosita’s child, Socorro as his own, while peacefully watching over the successful community he and the other survivors had built together.

Though the doors have closed on The Walking Dead, future spinoffs could focus on Gabriel and Socorro working together to establish a functional family unit within the community.

3. Jesus

the walking dead

The character of Jesus, as portrayed by Tom Payne, was long awaited in the show, as his character provided a number of major world-changing events in the original The Walking Dead graphic novel series.

Unfortunately, he meets a gruesome end in the television series when he is stabbed in battle by a Whisperer, and eventually put out of his misery in a mercy killing by his partner, Aaron.

Very little is known about Jesus’ past, however, leaving the character rife with opportunity to appear in his own prequel spinoff. Jesus has incredible skills with martial arts, escapology, and parkour, leaving many fans wondering what he did before the apocalypse, or whether those skills were learned after the grid had already gone down.

2. Ezekiel

the walking dead

In one of the most badass additions to The Walking Dead‘s roster of characters ever committed to screen, Ezekiel Sutton sat atop a throne, commanding a kingdom of hundreds beside his pet Bengal tiger Shiva. Chary Payton did an excellent job bringing this larger-than-life character to the live-action format, concluding the series as the leader of the Commonwealth.

In a potential spinoff, we could watch Ezekiel struggle to manage the enormous growing community, as the Commonwealth becomes increasingly similar to the old world before the apocalypse. We could also get some insight into how he came to be the King we met in his first episode of The Walking Dead.

1. Shane

the walking dead

It just wouldn’t be The Walking Dead without Jon Bernthal‘s Shane Walsh. Though the character was killed off at the end of season 2, Shane’s presence looms large over the course of the rest of the series.

In a literal sense, he is almost surely the biological father of Judith, but in a spiritual sense, Shane comes to be something of a devilish whisper on Rick Grimes’ shoulder; providing insight into the ruthless nature of life after the world has fallen apart.

Though Shane’s time on The Walking Dead was cut short, leaving little to do with the character during the zombie uprising, there is still a stretch of time between Rick falling into a coma and reuniting with his family that could be covered in a spinoff.

It could also be highly interesting to see a spinoff before the apocalypse which focuses just on Rick and Shane as police officers, before their partnership had become strained by their shared love and lust of Lori.