See The Walking Dead Character Who Makes The Perfect Star Wars Jedi

By Brent McKnight | Published

tales of the walking dead

During Season 3 of AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead, we were introduced to the sword-wielding Michonne (Danai Gurira). She was one of the big new additions to the show, and at the beginning, spent most of her screen time hacking her way through a seemingly endless swarm of the undead with a samurai sword. No doubt, this is not a woman to be trifled with.

At the start, we knew little of her The Walking Dead story and her background. She appeared as mysterious as it gets, walking zombies in on leashes and cutting down the undead with ease.

Even in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comics that serve as the source material for the show, her character is shrouded in mystery. One of the biggest questions surrounding her was how she got to be such a badass.

Well, at the time a video (via Scott Christopher) seemed to shed a little bit of light on this topic. She was a damn Star Wars Jedi knight, of course. That’s why she’s so good at slicing and dicing the undead. She got trained up on a lightsaber. Here’s The Walking Dead “proof.”

It makes so much sense that The Walking Dead‘s Michonne would be a Jedi. She’s got crazy skills with her lightsaber, a hatred of all things evil (she instinctively knew that The Governor is a bad man), funny hair, and when she first shows up, she’s wearing a cloak that resembles the one Obi-Wan wears in Star Wars.

Sure, in The Walking Dead we never “really” saw her using the Force, but maybe that was just because it wasn’t an overt skill she had, but rather something is hidden (anyone checks her midi-chlorian count?)

In all seriousness (or as serious as one can get around Jedis and zombies), Danai Gurira’s Michonne ended up being basically the toughest The Walking Dead character around, stoic and deadly, but also with a caring side. We found out that before the apocalypse, she was a lawyer who had children (daughters in the comics, a son in the show).

michonne walking dead

Over the course of her time on the series, she was cunning, ruthless, and capable, one of the deadliest fighters when it came to cutting down zombies or humans when the time was right. Sure, she had her demons and clearly had some PTSD issues, though who could blame her considering the circumstances?

And over the course of The Walking Dead, she became one of the few characters Andrew Lincoln‘s Rick Grimes could really ever trust, so much so that they became something of an item. A family member to the survivors.

Was Michonne really a Jedi? Of course not. But if we are looking for the traits of Jedi including proficiency with a sword/ lightsaber, calmness, patience, and protective nature. Well, she has everything short of actual use of the Force. But, hey we know the Force is in everyone. So let’s just assume she had that too.

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