The Boys Canceled After Season 5

By Britta DeVore | Published

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It’s official, the war between Supes and rightfully ticked-off civilians will come to an end with its fifth season as The Boys has been canceled by its creator, Eric Kripke. The news comes just days ahead of the three-episode season premiere of the diabolically good show’s fourth season, with the writers already in session working on the screenplay for what we now know to be the grand finale. Kripke took to social media to break the devastating word, sharing an X post that revealed the end is upon us.

A Fifth And Final Season

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In his post, Kripke, who previously created the uber-successful CW series, Supernatural, wrote that this was “a good time” to deliver the news that The Boys would be canceled after its fifth season. Assuring that this was “always” in the cards for the show to tap out after Season 5, Kripke cheekily wrote that he had to get “the final OK from Vought” before sharing with the general public. Closing out his message and teasing the mayhem that’s in store for the final batch of episodes, Kripke wrote, “Thrilled to bring the story to a gory, epic, moist climax.”

Winding Up For A Chaotic Ending

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Recently, fans have been speculating when The Boys would be canceled, with many wondering how much longer the battle between the titular gang of misfits and the Supes at Vought International could go on. Early reviews of the chaotic fourth season have praised another bonkers and jaw-dropping set of scenarios for all involved, but have also pointed towards a certain level of fatigue that The Boys is facing.

A Shorter Run Than Supernatural

For those who followed along with Eric Kripke’s last big production, The CW’s Supernatural, you’ll remember that the original plan was three seasons with Kripke amending his outline to five seasons when the story of Sam and Dean Winchester became a hit.

From there, the series ran for another 10 seasons, so it’s likely that Kripke wants to get out of The Boys before he gets sucked into another decade while also giving audiences a satisfying end. Essentially, it would seem that when it comes to The Boys, Eric Kripke’s outlook on its cancellation is to leave fans wanting more.

Wrapping Up Story Lines

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Season 4 of The Boys will set up the canceled show’s fifth and final season with more insanity and unexpected moments than ever before. The series has always leaned into the political side of things, with this season taking that to the extreme as Homelander’s Antony Starr is now seen as one group’s leader and Erin Moriarty’s Starlight as the other’s. Last season left audiences on somewhat of a cliffhanger as we learned that Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher only had months to live after being diagnosed with a terminal illness following his overuse of Compound V.

Potential Gen V Crossover?

Meanwhile, we can expect other story lines from The Boys’ spin-off series, Gen V, to bleed into the plot, particularly surrounding the drug that’s been invented to kill Supes. Along with Starr, Moriarty, and Urban, Season 4 will also feature performances by returning cast members including Jack Quaid, Karen Fukuhara, Tomer Capone, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Claudia Doumit, and more, while The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan will make his debut in a tightly under wraps role.

With The Boys officially canceled, the upcoming episodes will be integral to how Kripke’s production comes to a cohesive end.