Comic(s) Relief: Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Writer To Pen Gamora Series

It ain't easy being green.

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

GamoraRemember when people were convinced that Guardians of the Galaxy would be a huge failure, the flick that finally broke the back of Marvel’s big-screen dominance? With the worldwide box office totals currently sitting around $687 million, that cynicism seems like a distant memory. And the movie success of Star-Lord and company has come full circle and made the Guardians a hot ticket back where they originated in the comic-book world. Star-Lord and Rocket both have new comic series currently ongoing, and now Marvel has revealed that Gamora will be getting her time in the spotlight as well, in the character’s first ever solo title. The cover art for the first issue is up top, courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

The Gamora series has an even more direct connection to its big-screen cousin: it’s being written by Nicole Perlman, who co-wrote the Guardians movie with director James Gunn. It’ll be the first time she’s written for comics, but I’d say working on the Marvel Cinematic Universe was probably a decent boot camp for that sort of thing. Can a Groot solo series be far behind? We can but hope. Gamora will hit stands sometime in spring 2015.

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