Bring MST3K To Your Living Room And Krang To Your Fridge

By Nick Venable | Updated

There is no end in sight to the plethora of household items geared towards science fiction-loving pop culture collectors. We cover this kind of stuff on a daily basis, from lightsaber flashlights to lightsaber screwdrivers to lightsaber chopsticks. And if my memory serves me correctly, there were probably things that have nothing to do with lightsabers, like lightsaber pool sticks. Dammit!

While stickers are still a popular item to prove your fandom for a particular person or thing, they are also becoming more endangered as the removable decal revolution gains momentum. Etsy shop owner Bjorn, under the shop title Walking Dead Promotions, has for years been turning your walls, doors, Macs, and fridges into clever nods to an array of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror media. In fact, our trusty Editor Lord David showed you the TARDIS front door decals last year. So while I won’t mention that one, I’m going to showcase a few others that I hope to one day call my own and sleep next to at night.


The next time you watch a shitty movie and you say something funny during it, Tom Servo yourself a pat on the back for purchasing this Mystery Science Theater 3000 wall decal to fit behind your couch. You lose cool points for having theater seats in your living room.

Maybe you’d prefer to decorate your living room with stars. Or just one star. The Death Star.


Maybe you have a super-secret room full of bodies that you want to keep hidden. Just slap this Walking Dead decal on the door and any intruders will be too scared to go inside.


Maybe it scares the shit out of them, and they happen to be small children. This potty decal should amuse someone.


Who you gonna call when it’s not about ghosts? How about the Doctor? Good luck trying to get a signal with all that underwear in the way.


All you hear when you get drunk is blips and beeps anyway, so why not get your drunk on from a beer refrigerator that looks like R2D2?


And if fish is brain food, you’d do worse than storing your seafood inside a big fridge that houses the most evil brain in the history of Ninja Turtles cartoons.


This is the way.

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