Breaking Bad Finale Spurs Bitter Lost Fans To Harass Damon Lindelof On Twitter

But is it apples and oranges?

By David Wharton | Updated

Given that Lost ended three years ago, you wouldn’t expect it a sudden barrage of tweets about it to begin slamming the account of that program’s showrunner, Damon Lindelof. But that’s precisely what happened last night, ranging from profanity-ridden assaults on his talent to the simple, one-word tweet “Checkmate.” What was behind this assault on Lindelof’s Twitter feed? The series finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad, which wrapped up five seasons in brilliant fashion last night. It seems many Lost fans think Lindelof should be taking notes on how to end a beloved series.



Much of the Twitter barrage was simply damning Lost’s controversial ending by comparison to the pitch-perfect way Breaking Bad wrapped things up. Lost left many questions unanswered and served up a final season that seemed to many like a blatant cop-out. Breaking Bad, on the other hand, provided satisfying closure for pretty much every character, culminating in an ending that felt honest, consistent, and earned.

Here are some of the tweets directed at Lindelof. To his credit, he was a good sport and retweeted many of them.

That last one raises an interesting point that the final scenes of both Lost and Breaking Bad culminate in a very similar way, visually. Both have the protagonist (or one of the protagonists, in Jack’s case) lying on their back, staring upwards as they die and the camera pulls away from them. You can compare the two scenes below, assuming the powers that be haven’t yanked the Breaking Bad video by the time you read this.

Some are suggesting this was a deliberate dig at Lindelof and Lost, adding insult to injury by aping their final shot. I don’t think that’s the case, simply because Breaking Bad creator VInce Gilligan seems like way too classy a guy to stoop to that sort of thing.

Then again, both Jack and Walt are dying from a fatal abdominal wound on the right side. Hmm…

Either way, it’s not just Lindelof who should be taking notes. Breaking Bad’s finale was a great way to end a great series, and it definitely raised the bar for the future.