Scary Movie Getting Reboot Instead Of Original Horror Comedy

By April Ryder | Published

A bomb dropped at CinemaCon today, and it’s turning out that this year is the year of the reboot. Adding to The Running Man reboot, there will be a reboot of The Naked Gun with Liam Neeson, and today, a Scary Movie reboot, yes, the early 2000’s parody movie franchise, was added to the list. 

New Decade Of Movies To Parody

Neal H. Moritz (Fast & Furious producer) will work together with Paramount Pictures and Miramax to create what will effectively be Scary Movie 6 more than 11 years after the fifth movie in the series was released. The franchise that made its name on making fun of the most popular horror flicks of the time will soon take its next shot at movies like M3GAN, Hereditary (if they’re smart), Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Smile

Can A Parody Be A Success Today?

While there’s certainly plenty of good material available in today’s horror realm to fuel a quality Scary Movie reboot, it feels like going back to something we’ve already done is a bit tired. It lacks initiative and creativity. We already have Not Another Scary Movie (a parody movie making fun of another parody movie), so why not take the hint and move on to something new? 

The Right Director For The Job

cast of sonic the hedgehog 2

It may not be possible to fully escape the cycle of reboots and remakes in the world of film, but lately, they seem like some kind of invasive species. Some of the remakes and reboots that have been released recently aren’t so bad, so maybe a sprinkle of fresh vision here and there is nice, but there’s a balance that should be maintained. 

Moritz is probably the perfect guy to be a producer for the Scary Movie reboot because he’s already so familiar with redoing other people’s stories. He worked on the Fast & The Furious franchise. He’s done both Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (both just a retelling of a story written years ago), and Sonic The Hedgehog 3 is set to drop soon. There’s even news that Moritz is working with Paramount on a Face/Off reboot. 

Reboots And Remakes Will Always Happen

However, a fresh new story is always more intriguing and engaging than hearing the repeat of a story you’ve heard time and time again. If you’re not going to write a whole new story, why not at least create an original parody? Parody the conglomeration of rom-com flicks on the market. What’s better than building comedy off of content that’s already supposed to be funny? 

Indeed, there will always be reboots and remakes, and the new Scary Movie reboot may even do well when it’s released to the world. The formula worked in 2000. Maybe people are still up for the same thing once again. There’s no word on who we will see once casting is completed, and there’s not yet a release date on the table for the new film. 

Here’s Hoping They Get It Right

Keep an eye out for more information regarding the new Scary Movie reboot. Maybe once the cast and the director are revealed, fans of the franchise can get a better feel for what they can expect in the future. For now, let your mind wander, and let’s cross our fingers and hope in solidarity that they get this one right.