See Sasha Calle Fully Revealed In Costume As Supergirl

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

Sasha Calle

We’ve had a few teases in recent months giving us an idea of what Sasha Calle will look like as Supergirl, but now, we’ve got a real and full look at the actress in costume and on the set. This is what the new Supergirl is going to look like in the DC Cinematic Universe when we first meet her in The Flash.

Take a look at Sasha Calle in costume below.

These photos from behind-the-scenes for The Flash are pulling together a lot of little things we’ve seen over the past month and making sense of them. Just recently, the director for The Flash, Andy Muschietti, shared a hint at the costume Sasha Calle would be wearing as Supergirl, getting many fans excited. That hint only shows the S on the chest, but it gave DC fans a good idea of what to expect.

A month ago, Sasha Calle shared a photo of her new, short haircut. This was our first look at changes she’d made to play the character and raised a lot of questions. The actress used to have long, straight and dark-colored hair. Early fanart drew her in character looking that way. We’ve most recently seen Supergirl on screen for The CW played by Melissa Benoist. Her character has the more traditional blond hair for the character. While it seemed doubtful that Calle would be blond, it was surprising she would cut her hair short. There was question about whether the Sasha Calle might even wear a wig when she’s in character and the shorter hair was just easier for wearing a wig while on set, or if Supergirl would really have the short hair.

While the behind-the-scenes photos taken above may only have been a rehearsal, it seems most likely that we can now assume Sasha Calle’s Supergirl will have the short black hair we’re seeing for her in character. While Supergirl on screen has often been the Kara Zor-El version from the DC Comics, it seems possible that they may be basing the new character on Cir-El from the comics. Cir-El has short dark hair like we’re seeing here. The big question then becomes whether the DC Extended Universe character will only have her haircut in common with Cir-El, or if we can also expect to see the character’s backstory reflected in the movies?

In one other fun sneak peek, we now know that Sasha Calle will be wearing a cape. The photo is fuzzy, so you can’t really get a good look at it. You don’t see enough to know if the cape is just red or has anything added to it. However, the photo proves that the character should be wearing a cape at some point in the movie.

The Flash has only just begun filming and already we’re getting exciting peeks at what’s happening on set. Hopefully, we’ll keep learning more about the movie as time goes on. While the wait for the November 4, 2022 release date feels like an eternity away, these new set photos show that after COVID-delays, the DC Cinematic Universe is finally getting going again. We can expect to see more from The Flash in the coming weeks.