See Ryan Reynolds Make Foul-Mouthed Jokes In Red Notice Bloopers Reel

Ryan Reynolds gets everyone laughing on the blooper reel for Red Notice!

By Erika Hanson | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Ryan Reynolds is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces right now. The 45-year-old actor is best known for his charismatic yet quirky personality, which shines bright in his most recent film Red Notice. If you couldn’t get enough of the Deadpool actors’ unconventional ways, Netflix just released the bloopers to Red Notice chock full of foul-mouthed jokes from Reynolds himself.

The new video clip shows Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds continuously breaking character and entering laughing fits, often resulting from Reynolds dropping an f-bomb. “My mother was an Egyptologist,” Reynolds says to Gadot, who begins laughing at the actor before he breaks character and shouts “You f-ing asshole” at his female colleague who can’t stop laughing. Another shot finds The Rock and Reynolds in conversation as Reynolds responds, “Aww, thanks Dad, f-k you” bringing the People’s Champion to giggles as he breaks character. You can watch the reel below.

Red Notice premiered on Netflix on November 12th. The film follows an Interpol agent played by Johnson as he attempts to track down and capture the world’s most notorious art thief (Gadot). In doing so, Johnson must find and trap another infamous art thief, played by Ryan Reynolds, to aid in the search. When Johnson and Reynolds are forced to team up and take down Gadot’s character who is planning a grand theft on the rare and valuable Cleopatra egg, a bromance of unlikely allies forms, showcasing how delightful the duo are together on screen.

While banking on an A-list celebrity lineup including Ryan Reynolds, Red Notice has received mixed reviews following a limited theatrical release before its streaming premiere. The film succumbed to dismal numbers on the big screen but made a huge comeback when it brought in 148.7 million hours watched, making it the most-watched movie ever for the Netflix in a debut weekend. The mixed response to the film is largely due to what many critics have called a lack of persona that has made other popular big-heist films such as National Treasure and Ocean’s Eleven so successful. 

For a movie that has landed Netflix in their most expensive film endeavor to date, many question how a film with nearly a $2 million budget couldn’t land a Rotten Tomatoes rating over 35%. But as Ryan Reynolds has pointed out, much of that budget may have gone to the hours spent reshooting scenes due in large part to Reynolds antics. In a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show (via The Independent) Gadot, Reynolds, and Johnson reminisced on the fun they had working together. Reynold’s would go on to seemingly joke that they wasted millions of Netflix dollars goofing around on set. 

While it’s unlikely that their goofing around actually cost Netflix millions, it’s interesting considering Ryan Reynolds’ foul-mouthed past involving his popular portrayal of the Marvel comic book character Deadpool. Also known as the merc with the mouth, Deadpool epitomizes Reynolds’s foul mouth antics. And if anything, Reynold’s vulgar bloopers from Red Notice demonstrate just how a movie with such low critic ratings can remain so popular amongst the movie-viewers.